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Jan 21st 2006

2,000th comment

as of 4:30 pm est on 21 january 2006, we have 1,999 comments on this blog. the next person who comments here will leave number 2000.

so, comment away and be forever immortalized at it will be the type of thing you can put on your resume under “accomplishments & honors.”

but be quick about it. no one remembers 2,001st place.

4 Responses to “2,000th comment”

  1. M.McD

    Thank you.

  2. Tiffany

    I’ll remember 2,001st.

  3. forrest

    I was amazed to see this goal. How did he do it. I am inspireed to be alex ovechkin

  4. […] our 2000th comment was only just left by last january. it took us 35 months to amass our first 2,000. it took us 9 months to amass our last 1,000 comments. […]