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Apr 14th 2003

the results are in

the war in iraq is playing out like a ‘who’s who’ of international shooting-in-the-air supremacy. and kentuckians have shown they deserve the outright title.

Apr 13th 2003

senator tom daschle announces he’s going ‘tranny’

in the photo (left) an exasperated daschle defends himself before viewers of the jerry springer show. reportedly, daschle’s mother tricked him into appearing on the show by telling him that president bush had resigned and named him the new president. while this proved to be false, daschle later said, quote, “i was pretty […]

Apr 12th 2003

Martha Burk’s circus

Martha Burk’s sideshow fit right in–alongside a drag queen, an elvis impersonator, and a klansman. the curious quartet is now inseparably linked (in the already storied annals of georgia history) by their participation in a most bizarre ‘free speech freak show’. read the article or see what people are saying

Apr 11th 2003

look who’s back again

It looks like former U.N. Weapons Inspector and all-around wacko Scott Ritter is back. He was on CNN yesterday arguing with another former weapons inspector, all the while alienating rational thinkers around the world. The topic of discussion focused on whether Iraq does indeed still posses weapons of mass destruction. Ritter now […]

Apr 9th 2003

UN wants to enforce something (hooray!)

with the fall of the bloodthirsty dictator, some impoverished iraqis have taken to looting to get stuff they need. that’s too bad, but what bothers me is the way the UN is responding: they demand that US and british forces halt the looting
with good reason, the UN is concerned. but why didn’t […]

Apr 9th 2003

what is wrong with the burkes?

today we have regina burke, the psycho, repeatedly hallucinating about the president wrapped in nothing but a flag toga. and several months ago, martha burk proclaimed herself head policy-maker for augusta country club–a club to which she does not belong. i think she just wants attention, and maybe to be hillary clinton’s vice-presidential […]

Apr 8th 2003

elected official decides not to stand for pledge

WorldNetDaily reported on April 6:
A town official in a Boston suburb opposed to the war in Iraq has created a local uproar by refusing to give the Pledge of Allegiance at a recent meeting of elected officials.

Regina Burke, the “Selectman” (councilman) who refused to stand for the pledge, is causing quite an uproar in Hull, […]

Apr 8th 2003

Arab TV finds perfect spokesman

Apparently the Dubai-based television network, Al Arabiya, has won the bidding war (with IraqiTV?) for the much sought after services of Peter Arnett. After being fired by NBC and National Geographic for his rather ill-timed, and now blatently silly, comments about the failure of U.S. war plans, Arnett is a hot commodity among in […]

Apr 8th 2003

no more cross burning

The Supreme Court yesterday upheld a Virginia law that outlawed the act of burning a cross with the intent to intimidate. It is about time that the Court realizes that there are some forms of “speech” that don’t deserve constitutional protection. As usual the ACLU defended the rights of cross burners, as they […]

Apr 7th 2003


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