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Jun 28th 2003

ann coulter, call me

read this email interview between ann and john hawkins of RWN.
after that, read an account of her appearance as a guest host on the view. her shots at hillary are especially ravishing.
and here’s an excerpt from this week’s article, where she exposes the democrats’ plans to rewrite history:

Someday, school children will be taught that […]

Jun 27th 2003

how i’d respond to reginleif, if i cared [re: children]

i have a new friend. it is the mighty reginleif the valkyrie who says:

Gee, Travis, do you think you could write a more blatantly misleading and sensationalistic headline, please? That one was just too placid and fair-minded.
This article makes some good points about why anti-“pr0n” filters on library PCs aren’t all they’re cracked up […]

Jun 26th 2003

our interesting friends, part I

editor’s note: this is part I of all-encompassingly’s new series, “our interesting friends”, where our friends tell us stories. its just like we’re sitting around the old-time campfire…except the campfire has a plastic casing, is filled with silicon conductors, and there are none of those pesky mosquitos. so, here you go. […]

Jun 25th 2003

what we think we’re doing

[we] appreciate all true intelligence, whether moral, social, scientific, political, or philosophical. truth and intelligence have a tendency to enlarge the capacity, to expand the soul, and to show man his real position–his relationship to himself and to his god–both in the present and the future. that he may know how to live […]

Jun 24th 2003

some funny things to surf:

1. Muslim groups push for Americans to add “Islamic” to the phrase “Judeo-Christian.” its a great idea, in my opinion, but you’ve got to admit their timing is kinda funny. couldn’t you wait ’til islam’s whole “we hate you, great satan mother of lies” mentality dies down a bit? then again, […]

Jun 23rd 2003

justice stevens favors pr0n over children

recently, the supreme court ruled 6-3 that libraries must either filter sexually explicit material or lose significant federal funding. the constitutionality of the filters seems to rest on the fact that government has a compelling interest to shield minors from the material to which they could be exposed on the internet, and the filters […]

Jun 22nd 2003

doug has left the building

doug has moved out. he has moved on to bigger things, such as argentina (with a total undisputed area of 2.8 million square kilometers). he will continue to e-visit us, via the blog, and will hopefully have some wonderful, heartwarming stories about argentina, including–but not limited to–how he could buy the entire economically […]

Jun 21st 2003

hasta la vista, Davis

For those who haven’t heard, California’s Governor Gray Davis will likely be kicked out of office by year’s end (“recalled”). There is an active campaign to recall him going on right now (, and most political “experts” are beginning to agree that it is inevitable that Davis will be gone before 2004 rolls around.
Anyways, […]

Jun 19th 2003

earth to pollsters

Shakespeare could have aptly entitled the recent barage of news articles regarding international polls “much ado about nothing.” For example, back in February CBS reported the following:
(CBS) Consider this: an opinion poll, taken a few days ago, asked people in Britain: who is the greatest threat to world peace: George W. Bush or Saddam […]

Jun 18th 2003

liberal media sides with confused witnesses

remember the muslim guy in the US army, hasan akbar, who injured or killed 16 of his fellow soldiers by rolling grenades at their tent and then shooting at those who ran out?

not this akbar

he confessed to the crime and gave as his motive the conviction that americans had come to iraq to “kill and […]