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Jul 31st 2003

AE poll #1 results, poll #2 primer

in our first-ever informal idealogical poll, we received 26 votes in 8 days in answer to the question, “how do you feel about polls?” the clear-cut winner, garnering 50% of the vote, was the pope, the head of the catholic church, who is polish. i will ignore the obvious possibility that half of […]

Jul 30th 2003

in a heated debate, we give it to you straight

metafilter users have some interesting opinions about “straight pride.” check out the discussion and make sure you follow the links in the original post, too. clicking proves quite fruitful. i clicked, and read about a recent straight pride march in a press release posted on portland’s indymedia site, of all places.
and commenting […]

Jul 29th 2003

bob hope

for those of us of the younger generation, it is a sad thing to learn of a public figure’s death and only then be introduced to the greatness of his or her life. such is the case for me in bob hope’s passing. i watched a touching piece about him tonight on A&E […]

Jul 26th 2003

original intent

The ACLU has come out with a new ad campaign, as a recent press release attests:
“School may be out, but lessons in civil liberties are continuing in the ACLU’s two new national TV ads featuring schoolchildren who question the government’s restrictions on basic freedoms in the name of national security.”
View the “Founding Father” ad […]

Jul 26th 2003

should we trust british bodyguard interview??? plus, commentary on various liberal shenanigans

we don’t want to cause more liberal tantrums, so maybe we shouldn’t trust this information; it comes via the british, after all (see niger uranium hullaballoo), but it is a fantastic story. from fox news via times london, it is an interview with one of the hussein sons’ bodyguards. here’s an excerpt from […]

Jul 25th 2003

go see ‘seabiscuit’

check out the trailer(s) for this feel-good equestrian-sport drama. or, for you skeptics, here’s a balanced review.
then, get into the business. you can raise a million bucks by september, right?

Jul 23rd 2003

dennis miller: a pragmatist, and funny

i’ve always thought that dennis miller is funny, but recently as i’ve heard his comedic rants in defense of america, i’ve come to think even more highly of him. he can make a logical argument and be funny about it. he’s one of a few in hollywood who has what the rest of […]

Jul 22nd 2003

we are pollsters now

all-encompassingly’s inaugural poll is at the bottom of the right-hand column of this page. so, go and make your voice heard! and please–don’t vote like a floridian. make sure you mark the right dot the first time.
BTW, speaking of polls…
UPDATE: i’ve moved the poll to just below the hallowed “daily mitch.” […]

Jul 22nd 2003

his true colors shining through

Check out this snapshot of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Whoops! Did we forget how to pledge allegiance?

Ok..Ok…so the picture is a fake. All I can say is that when I learned it wasn’t real, I was…disappointed. Very deeply disappointed.

Jul 19th 2003

french vocabulary adjustments

in unprecedented action–taken last week without UN approval–france’s culture ministry officially banned the use of the word “e-mail” in official government documents. instead, the word “courriel” (a hybrid of the french words, “courrier” and “electronique”) will be used.
but the ministry did not stop there. the french word, “guerre” [war] was outlawed, to be […]