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Sep 12th 2003

hola from Argentina

I am here in Cordoba, Argentina for the semester and wanted to take a couple minutes to give a tribute to the unrelenting Travis. What a blogger…
Anyways I am here in the sunny lands to the south, successfully avoiding the fall and first parts of winter of Utah. As a special bonus, Argentina […]

Sep 12th 2003

alter-native view of reality

if you were a respected journalistic professional, racking your brain for that ONE thing for which to fault the beautiful and talented britney spears, what sin of hers would you point out?
jonathan alter notes britney’s patriotism as her most VILE misdeed. he mentions her act of sticking her tongue down the material girl’s throat […]

Sep 11th 2003

with utmost respect,

“we remember the lives lost. we remember the compassion, the decency of our fellow citizens on that terrible day.” –president bush

Sep 9th 2003

uh, addendum to the last entry

i have gotten emails both in appreciation of and in disgust for my remarks about treason. [here] before i blogged it, i was discussing the issue of liberals “hating” america with one of my liberal friends, and i had acknowledged that perhaps the reason for the dichotomy of opinions could be this: […]

Sep 8th 2003

some leftovers from the trip home

1. politics in kentucky can get downright scary [link removed; it used to go to a site called “mullets for chandler” but the domain probably expired and it appears to have been spam-farmed into something else]
2. we had some problems with our computer’s modem at home, as i said. this basically describes […]

Sep 6th 2003

all better

to our readers: i am sorry for the prolonged absence. i HAD to do it. pursuing my degree was driving me INSANE. but now it’s all better. the beach was great therapy.
also great was reading treason and high crimes and misdemeanors, though i didn’t quite finish the latter. those […]

Sep 5th 2003

drugs, crime, and johnny cochran

the new york times reports

The federal appeals court in San Francisco yesterday overturned the death sentences of more than 100 prisoners in three states because judges rather than juries had made the crucial factual determinations in sentencing them to death.

Yesterday’s decision involved Warren Summerlin, who is on death row in Arizona for killing a bill […]

Sep 4th 2003

blogging evidence of new cultural renaissance; poll stuff

the people have spoken, and in 3 weeks of grueling partisanship and manipulation regarding our poll, we have come to a conclusion we can call a…”conclusion”. blogging is definitely proof of a new cultural renaissance of sorts, chosen by over 40% of voters (14 of 32 total votes). this choice was not a […]