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Oct 31st 2003

law schools to offer new class: “escape tactics”

several top law schools have announced they will offer a new class beginning next fall. the class will be called “escape tactics in the legal profession”, and alan dershowitz of harvard law school says it may be the “most useful class” a perspective lawyer can take:
“more and more nowadays there is a […]

Oct 30th 2003

the great pop vs. soda controversy

today, when i should’ve been writing a philosophy paper, i stumbled across this thing:

Since the earliest research into the the English Language as spoken in North America was begun by Noah Webster in the early 18th century, the regional variations in dialect have always been the most challenging and difficult to […]

Oct 29th 2003

say thanks

the proud american girl pointed me in the direction of this project.

WND is sponsoring the opportunity for anyone and everyone to add their piece to a book they are publishing tentatively named “We Support You! Love, America” which will be delivered to military men and women overseas for Christmas. What better way to […]

Oct 27th 2003

california quagmire

fires continue to blaze out of control in california, having burned out an area about half the size of the state of rhode island according to one estimate. the terrible disaster comes as a shock to the republican administration that recently declared an end to major conflict in the state.
in fact, more […]

Oct 24th 2003

13th Annual ‘Make a Difference Day’

editor’s note: welcome to all-encompassingly! if you come here often, you may be expecting our usual taunting of liberals, terrorists, or the cowardly french. well, that is not going to happen today. carolyn is going to blog at you about something really meaningful. i promise we’ll be up to no […]

Oct 21st 2003

“hi, i’m nihad awad, and i’m a massive tool”

nihad awad is a gargantuan, unredeemable tool. here’s why:

(CNN) — Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a top Pentagon intelligence official, apologized for remarks he made about Muslims, including saying that radical Muslims hate the United States “because we’re a Christian nation, because our foundation and roots are Judeo-Christian and the enemy is a guy named […]

Oct 19th 2003

naysayers need a history lesson

you have GOT to check this out. remember WWII? me neither. but you’ve heard about how it turned out, right?…that we triumphed, restored order, etc? me, too.
NOT TRUE! we actually RUINED europe by liberating it, just like we’ve RUINED iraq.
the article appeared in life magazine in january […]

Oct 19th 2003

new blog showcase

this week, i’m voting for hypocracy and hypotheses “the same thing every year”.

Oct 18th 2003

democrats questioning wisdom of recall

it has been two months since a controversial recall in liberia prematurely ended the term of governing president charles taylor. now some democrats are questioning whether such a recall was even constitutional. “i don’t know if we’re setting a dangerous precedent here,” said nancy pelosi, one very astute politician. “the people spoke […]

Oct 17th 2003

“Jews rule the world” and other Malaysian observations

In a stunning declaration that belonged in the script of Zoolander, and not as part of a speech at the “Organization of the Islamic Conference,” the Malaysian Prime Minister said on Thursday that “Jews rule the world by proxy.”
But who can stop the Malaysian Prime Minister once he gets on a role?
“Is it true that […]