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Oct 16th 2003

“they oppose using our armed forces…”

today i decided to go back and read the democratic national convention’s 2000 party platform, to be more informed, i suppose. little did i know i would be entering fairy-tale land, full of fanciful scenarios and absurd promises. i also found some disheartening hypocrisy (the most outrageously false and/or hypocritical statements have been […]

Oct 15th 2003

two mario cartoons

edmo has pointed me to a couple of cartoons highlighting the pens’ dire situation this season. and mario lemieux’s overarching greatness. here is one, with a link to the other.

the second is called mario-mama.

i’ve linked to the instigator, whose art this is, under the hockey links in the right column. […]

Oct 14th 2003

bench clearing brawls

i post the following from rink blog, not ONLY because it supports my arguments against critics of hockey, but because doug (my foremost critic) and i have discussed this very issue, and doug called me a big fat liar. or at least, he didn’t believe me that there are more bench-clearing brawls in baseball […]

Oct 13th 2003

gifs for linking

thanks to the lovely and talented kerri, we have gifs. follow the link to tell her what you think. you could leave your comments here, but, frankly, we don’t care. we’ve already made up our minds, and we think they’re great.
please feel free to use a logo and link to […]

Oct 11th 2003

American Flags are to Liberals as Rays of Sunlight are to Vampires

I liked the Angry Clam‘s take on a recent happening in Central Florida. He notes,

Some people at the University of Central Florida hate the fact that there are symbols of the country that they live in in their classrooms. So, like any good leftist, they went on a binge of property destruction and vandalism.

The […]

Oct 10th 2003

newsflash: icecats are newsworthy

there was no room today in the print version of our school newspaper for an article about the icecats’ first home game of the hockey season. there WAS room, however, for a scintillating expose on national cookie month. i’m not kidding.
so i thought i’d get the word out. games tonight […]

Oct 7th 2003

letter to the used car salesman

i am reprinting in honor of my friend, zack, who is just getting into the exciting world of used car peddling.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

Oct 7th 2003

buck the curses (plural)

if you haven’t picked a team to support in the MLB playoffs, may i suggest the chicago cubs and/or the boston red sox? boston last won a championship in 1918, and the cubs, 1908. each team has its supposed curse (a bambino and a billy goat, respectively), but each managed to win its […]

Oct 4th 2003

Limbaugh and McNabb

By now, everyone knows about Rish Limbaugh’s comments on Donovan McNabb, the Philadelphia Eagle’s QB. Limbaugh talked about how the NFL and TV personalities, wanting black QBs to “do well”, have pumped McNabb up to be much more than he is.
I wasn’t sure where I stood on this, until reading a SCATHING editorial written […]

Oct 3rd 2003

inane controversy over mel gibson’s the passion

the anti-defamation league is concerned because mel gibson’s film, due out spring 2004, blames jews for the death of jesus christ. the film graphically depicts the last hours of christ’s life. [see the trailer]
i haven’t seen the film, but i say no jew should worry about this film, or its repercussions. here […]