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Nov 30th 2003

Jesse Jackson – falling fast

In a fascinating turn of events, Jesse Jackson became an object of scorn at a recent Rainbow Coalition protest.
Click here to read the whole story
Thanks to InstaPundit for the link.

Nov 27th 2003

thanksgiving day proclamation

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 — Following is the text of President Bush’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation:
Thanksgiving 2003
Almost 400 years ago, after surviving their first winter at Plymouth, the Pilgrims celebrated a harvest feast to give thanks. George Washington proclaimed the first National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, and Abraham Lincoln revived the tradition during the Civil […]

Nov 24th 2003

protests in england

APRIL 2003: activists are nowhere to be seen at the site of their london anti-war protests this spring. the reason is unknown, but i have my ideas.
(1)(a) perhaps, when no one came to observe the protests (and with most of the protesters suffering from attention deficit disorder anyway), the bunch was […]

Nov 23rd 2003

The New Wave in Shopping: The Magalog

In the past there has been discussion about addressing car-related topics on I know that myself, and I’m sure others, have been anxiously anticipating these posts. But, alas, months have come and gone and still nothing.
While, I am hardly an expert on cars, I thought that I could contribute some […]

Nov 23rd 2003

new blog showcase, king of the blogs

in the new blog showcase this week at TTLB, i’m voting for FMFT: europe hates america
also, be advised that “KING OF THE BLOGS” is underway. the man in charge has done a great job putting it together, so go check it out.

Nov 21st 2003

Dukakis in the news….no, not Olympia

Democrats have no shame.
While speaking to a group of college students in New Hampshire this week, convict coddler and former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis had the following witty comment to offer about the Bush presidency:
“This is the worst national administration I’ve ever lived under, bar none. I want this guy out of there.”
I suspect […]

Nov 20th 2003

liberated iraqis taunt saddam

until the blogosphere reaches iraq’s general population, iraqis have taken to writing their opinions on the walls.

Samplings of the Arabic slogans include: “Down Saddam the infidel and long live Bush the believer!” “A thousand Americans but not one Tikriti,” referring to residents of Hussein’s hometown.
Many taunt the deposed dictator: “Saddam the dirty, the […]

Nov 19th 2003

president bush’s visit to england

eye on the left has been watching the fervor surrounding the president’s visit to england. one remarkable excerpt caught my eye and tickled my funnybone:

Armed with a doctor’s certificate, recommendations from two psychiatrists and a straight-jacket, a group of campaigners will attempt to get George W Bush sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1983) […]

Nov 18th 2003

howard dean is imprudent: kant

please excuse the light blogging of late as tests and papers are beginning to come due. college professors tend to “shoot first and ask questions later,” as you know; i’m just trying to dodge the bullets.
i’ve been doing some light reading in immanuel kant’s groundwork of the metaphysics of morals lately (when […]

Nov 14th 2003

a warning or an advertisement?

students with early morning classes in the eyring science center will be getting quite a treat this week:

i know what you’re all thinking…
thanks to heather farnsworth, for the pic.