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Dec 24th 2003


certus veritas gives us the “four stages of santa claus:”
Stage 1: You believe in Santa Claus.
Stage 2: You have questions about Santa Claus.
Stage 3: You are Santa Claus.
Stage 4: You look like Santa Claus.
heh. merry christmas, everybody. i’m declaring a temporary truce with all political rivals ’til…oh say, friday so they can enjoy […]

Dec 20th 2003

quote of the day II

in the controversy over whether the proposed “freedom tower” at the world trade center site will be the world’s tallest building (or whether its uninhabitable parts are too significant to count toward the total height) a notable quotation was overheard:

One outspoken critic of the redevelopment at ground zero, John Lumea of the Phoenix […]

Dec 17th 2003

why i blog in lower-case

tonight i made a lower-case comment on a weblog somewhere, and became the butt of an immature joke. i–the very purveyor of immature jokes–the head honcho of horseplay, the skipper of spoof, the chieftan of chiding, the ringleader of ribbing (if you will)–was razzed.

Is one of those capital-impoverished areas? Is it […]

Dec 16th 2003

we’ll raise your IQ

the captain over at the 100-hour board (an entertaining Q&A project run by student volunteers) offered a much appreciated and very unexpected plug in response to this question:

Q Are there any online sites or anything (that doesn’t cost) to help one learn really fast or raise IQ? [edited for coherence]

among some other […]

Dec 14th 2003

Democratic hand-wringing over Saddam capture

If you ever want to entertain yourself for a few minutes, hop on over to your neighborhood leftist forum and peruse what those “on the other side of the spectrum” are saying.
Democratic blogs, forums, and message boards have been overloading servers across the internet today with collective sadness at the news of Saddam’s capture. […]

Dec 12th 2003

BJ clinton versus GW bush

we got this comment the other day to our “miserable failure” post. while i sympathize with this person’s situation, i believe some misconceptions taint the argument:

Call Clinton a miserable failure all you want, but my family moved up over his eight years, despite our struggling financial situation.
Now that Bush’s changes are starting […]

Dec 11th 2003

of massachusetts legal precendents in marriage law, or “why the polygamists shouldn’t have to choose just one…”

very busy!
but read this fresh argument against same-sex marriage from the best weblog that nobody knows about, the one staffed by professors at the claremont institute:

“Gay marriage” will do anything but strengthen the already weakened institution of marriage. Marriage has been weakened by many things—from adultery to divorce to cohabitation. Marriage, however, […]

Dec 10th 2003

clinton endorses dean over clinton in 2008

this week, al gore officially endorsed howard dean for president, surprising those who assumed he would support joseph lieberman, a former running mate of his.
UPDATE: scott ott compares the switch to the biblical story of jacob and esau. [link]
now, in yet another twist to the democratic party soap opera, former president […]

Dec 9th 2003

miserable failure

there is a google-bombing war going on in the blogosphere. it was started by a bloke or two who thought dick gephardt was right to label a certain president a “miserable failure.” he encouraged others to link the words “miserable failure” to an official website of an american president (who shall, for the […]

Dec 8th 2003

Is Bush even a conservative?

A short quote from an outstanding article outlining the complete failure of the Bush administration to further the conservative principle of limited government:
Government must be limited. Growth in government is not good, because government is based on coercion. Individuals do a better job spending their own hard- earned money than government, which lavishes its […]