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Dec 8th 2003

iraq: history suggests we’re doing fine

this story appeared in the provo daily herald on 03 december 2003. it is one more voice urging patience in the difficult reconstruction process. now, if only liberals had as much patience with the war on terror as they do with the “war on poverty”…
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In […]

Dec 5th 2003

kim jung il’s blog

what would the world be like if the world’s leaders (like kim jung-il, saddam hussein, george bush, and dick cheney) all carried on instant messenger conversations like old friends? it would probably be like this, which is to say, VERY FUNNY:

this site is HI-LARIOUS. i haven’t laughed this hard in…well, i try to […]

Dec 4th 2003

new blog showcase

my vote in this week’s NBS goes to a talented and ideologically kindred new blogger at ripe bananas for her post, vegan marshmallows. but i recommend the whole blog for your consumption, especially if you happen to be mormon, anti-idiot, a scientist, or just appreciate the quirks of human existence.

Dec 4th 2003

machiavelli on iraq

a few weeks ago on all-encompassingly, we pondered what the german philosopher immanuel kant would have thought of howard dean. it wasn’t pretty. our conclusion:

kant would call howard dean imprudent, and probably give him a good old-fashioned prussian beating.

now we turn to another old european mind (from back in the day when europeans […]

Dec 3rd 2003

rumsfeld voted most baffling

from fox news:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has won this year’s “Foot in Mouth” award for the most baffling statement by a public figure.
The prize went to Rumsfeld for this logic-twister he gave at a press briefing on Iraq:
“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we […]