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Jan 29th 2004

instant message history #1: random questions

i’ve just came upon a CD where i archived some old IM conversations. i honestly don’t know why i saved them at the time, but now my blog will reap the benefits! (or not, depending on how much these turn out to suck.) this first one is from 9 june 2002. […]

Jan 28th 2004

R. Kelly & Michael

This is too good to be made up.
January 28, 2004 — A Cook County judge has given R-and-B star R-Kelly permission to travel to Los Angeles to attend next month’s Grammy Awards — but he can’t associate with pop star Michael Jackson.
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Jan 27th 2004

dr frank on the democratic primaries

on primaries that include sharpton:

I have to admit I find the whole thing far more enjoyable with wackos included. Tired of candidates who actually know what the Federal Reserve is, or at least can fake it? Sharpton to the rescue.

(referring to the following exchange)

JENNINGS: Reverend Sharpton, I’d like to ask you a question about […]

Jan 25th 2004

new blog showcase

my vote this week goes to notes from the (legal) underground for trial lawyer’s prayer.
you can see all the entries here.

Jan 24th 2004

dean compares himself to junta

howard dean, the red-faced, shouting candidate for the american presidency, has committed another faux pas (#4982, if you’re keeping score at home) in his floundering campaign to “take back the white house–yeeeeaaaarrrrgh!”.
in an effort to wash clean the minds of americans who saw him dancing around like macho man randy savage on an […]

Jan 22nd 2004

Bill Maher on Howard Dean

Bill Maher had this to say about Howard Dean’s recent let-me-list-the-states-Yeeeaaaarrrggh outburst:
“…appropriate if you’re a crystal meth addict at a Don King weight in.”

Jan 20th 2004

Be scared, be very very scared

If you have never seen a grown man nosedive into self-induced madness, then help yourself to this video clip of Howard Dean.
Click here to laugh, and be scared.

Jan 19th 2004

Latin American Slums

There was a great article in The New York Times yesterday (Sunday) about Brazilian slums. It focuses on the political roots of their perpetuation. Well worth the read, especially if you’ve lived in Latin America.
Brazilian Slums Seen as Pawns in Political Games

Jan 14th 2004

told you so…

we told you that the recent massachusetts and texas court rulings on gay issues would start something like this:

SALT LAKE CITY — Citing a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Texas sodomy law, a civil rights attorney filed a lawsuit this week challenging Utah’s ban on polygamy.
– – – – – – –
The suit […]

Jan 13th 2004


For those of you who didn’t read about Brazil’s “reciprocity” gesture, read a couple entries down to catch up.
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Today, one of Argentina’s largest newspapers, La Nación, ran an article about the ongoing reciprocity debate. Click on […]