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Jan 13th 2004

miserable failure poll, another pesky comment

well, i think it’s time to close out our poll. all of the candidates (deservedly) received votes, but in the end, william jefferson clinton, or “american president who deftly escape jail time” as it is translated in japanese, is our outright winner. he received nearly a third of the total votes, despite the […]

Jan 12th 2004

For those who enjoy a debate…

I’ve found a new site for political discussion. It’s called Political Crossfire, it’s new, and it is a lot of fun. There are liberals, conservatives, Dean supporters, and plenty of us “Bushists” (as a liberal member prefers to call Republicans).

Jan 11th 2004

Brazil and “Reciprocity”

As you may know, the U.S. has implemented a procedure whereby visitors from countries that need a visa to enter the U.S. have to be digitally fingerprinted upon entry. This seems like a logical measure, not only to fight terrorism, but to help keep track of foreigners who just may…(feign shock)…stay here illegally.
Few countries […]

Jan 8th 2004

life on mars?

we may never know….

via american realpolitik

Jan 7th 2004

Lost Lottery Ticket Woman…

For anyone who has been absent from the United States for the past three days, catch up on the most important news item the media has been following:
Woman claims she lost winning lottery ticket, then sues the individual who turned the winning ticket in
Ahhh…but the plot thickens. Apparently the woman who “lost the ticket” […]

Jan 6th 2004

Sanity Reaches D.C.

One can only hope that Maryland and Virginia follow suit…
D.C. Council Bans Cell Phones While Driving