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Feb 28th 2004

Weirdest Quote of the Week

A strong candidate for nomination in the “What I’ve Said Is Patently Absurd But I Hope Everyone Believes It’s True” category, I bring you Roman Catholic Bishop Wilton D. Gregory. Commenting about the two recently released studies on sexual abuse by more than 4,000 priests:
“I assure you that known offenders are not in ministry…The […]

Feb 28th 2004

donny osmond: still a dork

maybe you can’t tell from the picture…here’s a bigger one with the interesting portions highlighted. donny’s working arsenio’s signature fist pump, and marie…well…let’s just say she got her outfit from a humble wyoming trapper back when tassled leather was ‘in’. but hey, who cares if the osmonds are dorks? the honoree at […]

Feb 27th 2004

Sadly predictable

This does not surprise me at all:

Report: Police had 15 contacts with Columbine killers

Duh! Psychopathic teenagers don’t wander into school with shotguns because they think, “Hey, that might be cool” while chomping on Cheerios in the morning. These crazies always have a history with the police and/or the school. Why don’t law […]

Feb 25th 2004

outsourcing and fascist liberal flag-waving

i attended a lecture today by economist robert crawford. the topic of the lecture was leadership and self-deception, but one of dr crawford’s side comments was most interesting to me. he asked, in the context of ‘seeing every person as a human being and not an object’, “why are our politicians so interested […]

Feb 21st 2004

The Human Cost of Terrorism

A sobering look at a few of the victims of terror.
The Human Cost of TerrorismA Photograhic Essay

Feb 20th 2004

On the weirdness of polygamy, and the difficulty in prosecuting it

Since dan was kind enough to bring up polygamy and Mormons, I thought the following AP article may be of some interest:
In land of no first kiss, prophet rules Taliban-style
The quote on prosecution difficulties:
The last serious attempt at outside intervention dates back to 1953, when governor Howard Pyle arrested two dozen local men and placed […]

Feb 18th 2004

Dumber things have been said, but…

Richard Perle, a strong proponent of the Iraq war, is now calling for the ouster of George Tenet (CIA Director). Here is an excerpt from a recent article::
“The CIA has an almost perfect record of getting it wrong in relation to the (Persian) Gulf going back to the Shah of Iran,” Perle said. He […]

Feb 18th 2004

We are back online!

We’re back! Feel free to post comments and the like.

Feb 16th 2004

If this doesn’t send off warning bells…

Several days ago, here is what the father of “that intern” said to the press:
“I think he’s a sleaze-ball,” Mr Polier told the London Sun. “I did kind of wonder if my daughter didn’t get that kind of feeling herself.
“He’s not the sort of guy I would choose to be with my daughter.”
Now, […]

Feb 13th 2004

No surprise here…

In case you hadn’t heard: Ryan Anderson, a tank crewman in the National Guard, has been charged for passing military secrets to al-Qa’eda.
White, mid 20’s, from Washington state. Hardly your profile of a terrorist…except for his…ummm…conversion to Islam.
Click to read the story.