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Mar 31st 2004

newdow still retarded

::: part ii of iii on civil religion :::
part iii is [here]
part i is [here]

last july, by offering dimebags as bribes, atheist michael newdow convinced a few 9th circuit court judges to rule that a pledge of allegiance which includes the words “under god” is unconstitutional.*
we blogged it then, satirically: on the […]

Mar 30th 2004

civil religion & the pledge of allegiance

::: part i of iii on civil religion :::
part ii[here]
part iii is [here]

WASHINGTON (AP) — A California atheist told the Supreme Court Wednesday that the words ”under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance are unconstitutional and offensive to people who don’t believe there is a God.
Solicitor General Theodore Olson, the Bush administration lawyer arguing for […]

Mar 29th 2004

Kofi & Kojo: The Annans

We now know that Kofi Annan & Family are directly involved in the Iraqi oil-for-food fiasco. William Safire writes:

Responding to a harangue in this space on March 17, the spokesman for Kofi Annan confirmed that the secretary general’s soft-spoken son, Kojo, was on the payroll of Cotecna Inspections of Switzerland until December 1998. In […]

Mar 29th 2004

Happy 25th!

Just want to wish my folks a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Mar 26th 2004

points of interest from the 9/11 hearings

IMAO summarizes the top 10 points of interest from the 9/11 hearings. my favorites:

Mar 26th 2004

mel gibson’s the passion of the christ pricks murderer in his heart

worried about the passion inciting violence? how about the antithesis of violence?
killer confesses after film

Mar 24th 2004

pissing in our holy water

nick over at zionide posted samples of a few of the (what he called) “needlessly controversial” gay mormon missionary pictures that are on display in SLC. i found his quick dismissal of the controversy disappointing. in fact, i think it’s funny how much the actions of the photographer who took those pictures compare […]

Mar 22nd 2004

U.N. is Irrelevant (and just plain stupid)

If you needed additional evidence. Check out this link:
Annan Condemns Yassin Assassination

Mar 21st 2004

protesters with issues (UPDATED)

feel really strongly about something that nobody else cares about?
try protesting!
the hippie man in this picture claims to have friends at haliburton and bechtel. frankly, i think there is a better chance that the woman in the foreground’s wish comes true (and dennis kucinich is elected president) than this dope-smoking […]

Mar 19th 2004

on gay marriage ::: part VIII of VIII

this will be my last post on this topic. for a long time. i’m sort of sick of talking about it. kind of like when i used to drink a glass of carnation instant breakfast everyday before school in 6th through 8th grades. i started to get more and more of […]