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Mar 19th 2004

on gay “marriage” ::: part VII of many

for a good laugh (perhaps), always hover your mouse cursor over the images in this and other posts.
william j watkins

One’s beliefs about homosexuality and marriage aside, a ban on same-sex marriage is not irrational. Nor is legislation that permits a same-sex couple to marry irrational. A reasonable legislator could conclude that […]

Mar 19th 2004

on gay “marriage” ::: part VI of many

daniel oaks

The only accurate way of describing the mayor of San Francisco’s behavior is rebellion. Those supporting him are supporting the rebellion of a self-appointed dictator. I do not believe this is the intent of the mayor or his supporters, but that does not change the true nature of his actions. Extend […]

Mar 14th 2004

on gay “marriage” ::: part V of many

legalizing gay “marriage” will not only destroy the stability of the institution of marriage, it is part of a subversive movement to destroy american culture as we know it.
stanley kurtz writes that “marriage” has only recently become an objective of the gay community. for a long time, marriage was shunned by homosexuals […]

Mar 11th 2004

on gay “marriage” ::: part IV of many

NOTE: remember, this is just part of my argument. parts I, II, and III can be read by following those links, and parts V and up are yet to be posted.
in a lecture recently, professor mark wrathall made three points with reference to “hard cases” and judicial review in the discussion […]

Mar 11th 2004

Hockey fans may wish it wasn’t so…

…but it is.
The sport is out of control.
Say what you will about baseball pitchers plunking batters, bullpen clearing brawls, or Shaq chasing down Doug Christie in an arena tunnel. But hockey as a sport is free-falling into moral oblivion.
The long standing toleration of fights, an integral part of the game according to many, led […]

Mar 10th 2004

thank you, ILSIP

for giving me an excuse to visit abraham lincoln’s house. and for your consideration for the internship.
editor’s note: below you will find what i consider to be my best work from my first year on this blog (march 2003-march 2004). other years are here: year two (march 2004 – […]

Mar 9th 2004

McDonald’s and “Healthy Food”

Drudge linked to this hilarious article today, which you don’t really need to read since the title says it all:
McDonald’s Salad Has More Fat Than Cheeseburger

Mar 7th 2004

on gay “marriage” ::: part III of many

francis beckwith pleads with social conservatives in california not to “attack” gay “marriage”. that’s what they want…to be the victims. they want to walk hand in hand with reformers that history has justified, like rosa parks and martin luther king, jr., and elizabeth cady stanton and susan b. anthony. it should be […]

Mar 6th 2004

Our Prayers Are With Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela has crossed the line of ridiculous and entered into the Danger Zone. Seriously…
Read about it here.
After invalidating the petition which could have led to being recalled, Chavez is acting like the brutish thug we’ve always known him to be.

Mar 5th 2004

Kerry: he’s very popular overseas

Senator John “Cash and” Kerry is getting the anticipated support from our friends abroad.
North Korea warms to Kerry presidency bid
Is anyone surprised?
North Korea simply remembers the sweetheart deal they got last time a Democrat was in office.