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Apr 30th 2004

marty stephens. ready. now.

here are my sarcastic thoughts on the candidate for utah governor’s compelling slogan, via cell phone:

Apr 29th 2004

google to go public

ha! you fools, nobody wants in on your stupid company!

Apr 28th 2004

thick-with-irony abortion rally

bunnie diehl provides great coverage of last weekend’s abortion rally. here is her intro:

I headed down to the March for Women’s (Right To Take) Lives today. Within a few blocks I was so disgusted that I felt like throwing up.
There’s nothing like being confronted with hundreds of thousands of the angriest, most […]

Apr 23rd 2004

True American Hero

As most have heard, Pat Tillman was killed while serving our country in Afghanistan.
Tillman, an American hero
“Pat Tillman, 27, enlisted in the Army shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, walking away from a 3-year, $3.6 million contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals.”
Remembering Pat Tillman
Among those who have commented on Tillman’s death (see link):
Arizona […]

Apr 22nd 2004

More Proof of God’s Existence

Michael Jackson indicted.

Apr 21st 2004

no ‘stairway’! denied!

if you thought chernobyl was scary, check out led zeppelin’s “stairway to heaven” backwards.

Apr 20th 2004

religion of _________ (fill in the blank)

In a very useful attempt to track the aggression of militant Islam, Jos Smith of the Dutch business newspaper NRC Handelsblad has compiled a list of 393 major jihadist attacks around the world since September 11, 2001. The newspaper page requires a password, so I have posted the chart.

The list counts 7,085 dead and 10,132 […]

Apr 19th 2004 = Amazon + Search

In a break from the political satire…
There is a cool new serch engine competing with Google now. It is
Run by Amazon it has a couple cool features:
1) Search history, that you can access anywhere from any computer.
2) A toolbar with a “Diary” feature. Allowing you to take notes on specific web pages […]

Apr 18th 2004

palestinian children

yesterday i was on campus writing a paper. someone had put up some signs supporting palestine in the hallway of the humanities building. the signs charge israel with terrorism. specifically, they charge the israeli military with targeting palestinian youth. i think we can all agree that would be an atrocity if […]

Apr 17th 2004

mad cow disease

would this be an instance of it?