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Apr 16th 2004

variations on a theme

the phrase, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” has lots of practical applications. [see here] (a google search for the phrase, minus “guns”). on the first page of results, a slew of variations appear, seeking to excuse each of the following–vans, motorcycles, roads, toddlers, books, and goths. however, my favorite variation […]

Apr 15th 2004

another jihad rut

members of the religion of peace have added another element to the ‘daily grind’ of terrorism, to be joked about around the jihad water cooler. that is:
jihadis! they just keep inventing new and exciting ways to terrorize people! having, perhaps, grown tired of their most well-known method they have moved on. […]

Apr 14th 2004


chernobyl, now a ghost town, freaks me out. the unreal story and pictures are here
**update** chernobyl still freaks me out, but the story by the woman in the above link is allegedly fake. see here: [link]

Apr 13th 2004

it’s that time again

well, it’s time for a couple of things.
one, the NHL playoffs. if you don’t have time to watch the games live, i recommend watching highlights here. it sure beats ESPN sportscenter, where we get 10 seconds of highlights talked-over by some dude who sounds like he doesn’t know a sports fan […]

Apr 12th 2004

phil mickelson

1 for 43 never felt so good.

Apr 10th 2004

Hollywood: Hotbed of Liberalism

Interviewer: Would you consider making a movie about the central figure of western history? A picture about the life of the man that many consider a God and Savior?
Hollywood: Of course not, too controversial.
Interviewer: How about a movie based on Dick Clarke’s book?
Hollywood: Great idea!!

Apr 8th 2004

liberal academia

about a week ago, my brow furrowed as i read this hogwash:

I’ve often laughed at the conservative belief that academics is dominated by tendentious liberal ideologies. To feel comfortable, conservatives seem to need to think the world is out to get them. [source]

i don’t WANT to feel people are out to get me. […]

Apr 6th 2004

who is george w bush?

bush the cowboy
bush and BTO
bush can boogie
UPDATE: an irreverent description of the bush-cheney campaign in terms of traditional moral standards is here: [link]

Apr 4th 2004

who enslaved the jews? film called ‘blatantly anti-egyptic’

it’s that time of year again–the easter season–when one of the most popular movies of all time, the ten commandments (1956) starring charlton heston as moses receives it’s annual TV airplay. however, this year, the anti-defamation league is raising questions that the movie may be full of anti-egyptian overtones.

“it is really troubling,” […]

Apr 4th 2004


google-bombing as suggested by esoteric diatribe
UPDATE/anti-googlebomb: it should be noted that air america makes for better paint balls than radio.