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May 30th 2004

you’re not alone, mr. lileks

I wonder if I�m alone. I love current events and politics,, I�m fascinated to see history roll along before my eyes, and I�m sick to death of it. All of it. I turn on the radio in the morning, and it takes about three minutes before the waddling parade of canards begins. [link]

i had […]

May 28th 2004

the fallout from my article ::: part i

well, two interesting pacifist letters showed up. the first one i’ll deal with came from associate professor of english, bruce young, whose c.s. lewis class i almost took a few semesters back. unfortunately, i couldn’t fit it in. anyway, he offers a really strict theological perspective on the issue. and one […]

May 28th 2004

Langston Hughes, Part II

I was going to originally comment on Travis’ post, but given the length of my comments, felt it more appropriate to post something myself…
Let’s just say I see Langston Hughes in a different light. He was one of the few bright spots in middle school English class for me.
So…while I believe that he was […]

May 27th 2004

kerry slogan taken from communist poet

excellent research by DANEgerus:

Langston Hughes is the Poet who’s poem title “Let America Be America Again” has been selected by JFKerry(D) as his campaign slogan… here’s another quote from Langston Hughes poem “Goodbye, Christ”:

“Goodbye, Christ Jesus Lord God Jehova, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no […]

May 27th 2004

al gore frightens children

horowitz and johnson fisk his unbelievably irresponsible, anti-american speech. [link] somebody had to do it.

May 27th 2004

i think the grief is getting to mr. berg

you don’t want to fault the man. he lost his son in a most disgusting and despicable manner. but he seems to have lost it. he seems to have found, in his sons murder by the servants of allah, that america is the great satan.

read michael berg’s article here. […]

May 26th 2004

who’s skewing the church/state distinction?

last month i got all fired up over the disdain the media–particularly the LA times–showed the catholic church in what should have been an inarguable point. one church leader suggested that john kerry might be refused communion because of his stance on a moral issue. a catholic, he directly opposes the teachings of […]

May 25th 2004

anti-american inflammation

last week a friend who edits the daily universe opinion page asked me if i would help her out. she hadn’t been receiving very many letters to the editor during the lazy BYU spring term and needed someone to say something incendiary to start them rolling in.
i was happy to oblige. […]

May 24th 2004

indestructible video tape condemns US military

remember that “wedding party” the US military is accused of bombing in western iraq?

Video that Associated Press Television News shot a day after the attack shows fragments of musical instruments, pots and pans, and brightly colored beddings used for celebrations, scattered around a bombed out tent.
Several hours of video footage obtained Sunday by […]

May 24th 2004

Cool Optical Illusions

Take a look at the Rotational Illusion web page. Interesting stuff. Those circles are moving!