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May 21st 2004

Liberal Bias at the New York Times? Never!

Eric James Stone does some interesting searches on the Times’ web site. He wanted to see what the frequency of terms like “extreme right-wing” and “extreme left-wing” were in news articles. Among his findings?
“right-wing”: 3436 (69%)
“left-wing”: 1538 (31%)
“extreme Democrats”: 0 (0%)
“extreme Republicans”: 3 (100%)
“extreme Democrat”: 0 (0%)
“extreme Republican”: 6 (100%)
“right-wing extremists”: 57 (93%)
“left-wing […]

May 20th 2004

Gay [and Open] Marriage

Dan Flynn makes a couple great points about gay marriage.

How do gays consummate their marriages?
Without consummation, a marriage isn’t considered complete. It can be declared invalid and annulled.


One need only look so far as the first homosexual couple to tie the knot in Provincetown to see this latter oxymoronic form of marriage in action.

Insightful. […]

May 19th 2004

Senator Hollings: “Blame the Jew!”

Senator Fritz Hollings, Democrat and racial healer extraordinaire, has offered some especially prudent commentary on the current Mideast policy.
“Senator Ernest Hollings is defending statements he made in a newspaper opinion article he wrote that said President Bush went to war with Iraq to protect Israel and appease American Jews.”[WIStv – Columbia, SC]
Read the original article […]

May 18th 2004

Extremely Interesting News Follow-up

Remember that North Korean train accident back in April?
Well we might know why it happened.
Which would explain why the North Koreans were trying to hide the actual scope of the explosion.
Very interesting…

May 17th 2004

The Party of Clinton & Their Family Values Crusade

Since he is known best for paying actors to portray homosexual alien klansmen and other assorted sideshows from the quasi-humanoid universe, it should be no surprise that Jerry Springer has been named Ohio’s “Democrat of the Year”.

Ohio Democrats have chosen talk-show host Jerry Springer to be an at-large delegate for the Democratic National Convention in […]

May 13th 2004

bloggers to get ‘media’ status at DNC?

the bear has the scoop:

Just got an email from the Democrats, stating that they will be issuing press credentials to bloggers for their convention in Boston:
The Democratic National Convention Committee is pleased to announce that for the first time ever, bloggers will be offered Convention access through the official media credentialing process. […]

May 12th 2004

american beheaded in iraq

drudge has the images. as far as reaction, barbara stock nails it:

The hideous butcher of an American citizen by faceless terrorists and the video put out by creatures I used to refer to as ”animals” has changed all that. As they held up this young man’s severed head for the camera, I decided […]

May 10th 2004

Excellent Article on Prisoner Abuse “Scandal”

Roger Aronoff has an excellent article up at the Accuracy In Media web site about the widening “scandal”:

“Clearly this story was in the public domain, but not given a high priority by anyone except, perhaps, the military, which was carrying out an internal investigation while proceeding with criminal charges, reprimands and suspensions. It wasn’t until […]

May 7th 2004

age 11: a time for experimentation

in two separate incidents at age 11, i (1) pretended to be an answering machine and (2) shaved my head for no reason at all. historical documentation is here:
PS: let me explain the recent rash of audio blogging. i have a job delivering car parts. i drive around all day, […]

May 6th 2004

iraqi prisoner abuse

cox and forkum take it on:

my opinion, in short, is that lynndie england and those who took the photos are idiots. stupid as dirt.
but those who cry foul in the arab world are not getting any sympathy from me. throughout the entire iraq war, coalition forces have faced one dishonest […]