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Jul 29th 2004

bush’s usa patriot act is not hitler’s enabling act, idiot

the other day we got the following comment:

How can you actually support Bush? Ever heard of something called the Enabling Act? It’s Hitler’s Patriot Act. Bush is doing the same thing, using terrorism as an excuse to whittle away at your freedom. If you don’t believe me, go read the Patriot Act. Go look up […]

Jul 28th 2004

chalabi/iran theory

miguel lopez, all-encompassingly’s senior military correspondent, has an interesting take on chalabi’s role in iraq, and his ties to iran:

Ahmed Chalabi is important because he helped Iran by removing Iran’s first obstacle on its road to Middle East power, Iraq. Remember that Iraq has always been the counter-balance to Iran, physically and politically. […]

Jul 28th 2004

support gbush, win gmail

donate to or volunteer to help re-elect george w bush today. go here for information.

Jul 27th 2004

‘USA today’ doesn’t get ann coulter’s DNC humor

i’ll admit it: sometimes i have to reread a paragraph of ann coulter’s column a couple of times. hers is certainly intellectual humor, and i may not get it the first time. i also have to do this when i’m studying the word of the lord in the scriptures–read it over again […]

Jul 24th 2004

how far have we come?

here’s a scenario for you from just 10-15 years ago:

curious son: “dad, who invented plastic?”
busy father: “uh, look it up in the encyclopedia, boy.”
curious son: “but these are grandpa’s old encyclopedias. they were published before plastics were invented. and they smell like him, too.”
busy father: well, then i guess […]

Jul 21st 2004

wictory wednesday gmail invite giveaway program continues

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Jul 20th 2004

photo montages

the john-johns as girlie men by 2flower
john “you’re not going to find us on vacation” kerry by drudge
UPDATE: IMAO offers some possible campaign scenarios surrounding the “girlie man” principle:

President Bush should put out an ad with an Arnold voice over saying, “What if you elect Kerry president, and there is terrorist attack, but he […]

Jul 20th 2004


‘nuf said.
UPDATE: er, uh…not enough said…see also do not click on the links–they’ll only lead you to a string of opening browser windows. however, the search bar is very useful for finding MP3s.

Jul 19th 2004

Even Scarier Than “Dean Scream”

Allahpundit has some links to a series of photo-op pictures of Kerry and Edwards.
Definitely worth checking out.

Jul 19th 2004

my retirement goes up in smoke, SSA shrugs it off

UPDATE: i sent this article to my friend at the daily universe, and it was published the following week. in the online edition [link] the name of my website is misspelled, and the muddled line breaks make it almost unreadable. here it is, edited by me (an unpaid hack with no formal […]