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Aug 30th 2004

Can Gmail Kill Email Marketing?

Read an interesting article yesterday about how Gmail poses a huge threat to traditional email marketing (those annoying, yet legitimate emails, from companies that you have given your email address to).
For example, lets say I enter a contest on American Airlines’ web site. Now they have me email address. Before long they start […]

Aug 30th 2004

Find Out Anything About Any Website

For all my fellow web geeks out there. If you aren’t using URLinfo, you should be. It is the best one-stop tool for investigating/researching any web site.

Aug 30th 2004

Daschle Uses Bush in Ad

Tom Daschle concedes it is good politics (at least in South Dakota) to be a Bush supporter. Read about the Daschle ad here.

Aug 29th 2004

atheist marxist cash fans cry foul

a story being reported by the BBC notes some criticism of the republican national convention’s planned tribute of recently deceased country singer, johnny cash. apparently, the deeply religious and moral cash, who wrote several songs about jesus christ, and who covered nine inch nails’ song, “hurt” with the phrases “crown of sh*t” and “empire […]

Aug 26th 2004

mixing music and politics

via lgf

In the eyes of Alice Cooper, all the rock stars campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry are guilty of one thing: treason. The shock-rock legend, a staunch Republican who attends NBA games in Phoenix with Arizona Senator John McCain, was disgusted when he learned of plans by Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, R.E.M. and […]

Aug 25th 2004

mothereffer, i will kill you

if you ever mess with my peeps again, you cowardly little piss nozzle, i will beat you without mercy.
UPDATE #1: here’s the story:

A 19-year-old woman was leaving her apartment on Monday afternoon when a man, who looked dirty and possibly homeless approached her and firmly grabbed her arm. She pulled away, but the man […]

Aug 24th 2004

afro contest

it’s me versus my brother. [link]

Aug 24th 2004

ramones documentaries: choose wisely

the ramones are one of the greatest bands of all time and a group whose sound and style influenced a generation. they’re also the subject of two documentaries coming out this fall. one, ‘End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones’ is described by one ramone thus:

“It left me disturbed as I […]

Aug 19th 2004

chris matthews has completely lost it

Politics reminds me very much of the measles. The measles don’t hurt much if you will take a little saffron [herbal] tea or something else to keep them on the surface. But if they once set in on you, they turn your hide yellow and sometimes make you cross-eyed. So do not let politics set […]

Aug 14th 2004

hand dryer instructions

in the men’s bathroom of BYU’s cannon center dining hall, there is some funny graffiti.

you probably can’t read it. i’m about as good with a camera as i am with babies (just lucky if i don’t drop them) but, as you can see, there are two parts to this instructional diagram. they have […]