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Aug 10th 2004

ode to my fiance

about a year ago, i realized it was time to move on from single college life.
all of my friends were moving on. 3 of my 5 original college roommates had gotten married. of the others, doug, had left for south america and matt had given himself to his true love […]

Aug 6th 2004

kerry: “i would’ve immediately sought out france’s opinion”

in his ongoing effort to trick americans into thinking he would be tougher on terrorists than george w bush, john kerry this week criticized bush’s reaction to the news of the 2001 september 11th attacks

“Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whisper in my ear that America is under attack, I […]

Aug 5th 2004

“ask the men who served with john kerry 30 years ago”

heart-stopping. that’s what it was like when i heard the audio on the radio yesterday. it was such a powerful message that when it finished, i gave a manly cheer through gritted teeth, with accompanying fist pump, as i drove down the road in my delivery truck. i couldn’t find the video […]

Aug 4th 2004

quinn and maher on NPR

maher got a pass from the left-of-center “fresh air” host, terry gross, on NPR yesterday. he twisted the facts to defend teresa heinz-kerry, who rudely dismissed a journalist in boston last week (now known as the ‘shove it’ incident). gross asked maher to compare the remark vice president cheney made to pat […]

Aug 3rd 2004

support gbush reelection, win gmail invite

donate to or volunteer to help re-elect george w bush today. go here for information on our gmail rewards program.

Aug 2nd 2004

evil bush steals kerry ‘bounce’

what is bounce? why is it important?

a bounce is a quick upswing in the polls occasioned by some particular event or cause, such as your party’s national convention. Convention bounces don’t necessarily last, but they almost always happen. Michael Dukakis had a convention bounce of something like fifteen points in 1988. [link]

the diabolical george […]