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Sep 13th 2004

New Movie Examines Iraq

A new movie, produced by Roger Aronoff of Accuracy In Media, examines the true story behind the conflict in Iraq. Confronting Iraq comes out on October 2nd.

Sep 10th 2004

Kudos to Koppel….Sort of

Ted Koppel deserves some mild applause (golf clap perhaps?) for his airing of CBS News’ dirty laundry last night on Nightline. Of course, he’s got to do something to help restore his rep.

Sep 10th 2004

New Movie Looks at September 11th

Thanks to Whitney for bringing to our attention a new movie dealing with September 11th. This time, it looks at the events of 9/11 from the hijackers’ point of view.
While certainly an interesting endeavor, I wonder if a film looking at the 1930’s and 40’s from say, Hitler’s point of view, would play well. […]

Sep 9th 2004

Rather Interesting

According to InstaPundit:
A media contact emails: “ABC’S NIGHTLINE DOING THE forgeries tonight, and their experts say most likely forgeries. CBS had serious meetings this evening over this.”
Geee…CBS uses documents on 60 Minutes that were so “thoroughly examined” that in less than 24 hours the internet (i.e. bloggers, readers, and independant experts) are able to completely […]

Sep 9th 2004

Bush Documents Are Likely Forged

You’ve probably heard about the “new” National Guard documents that were recently released by the White House. In fact, they were actually just documents that the White House got from CBS News.
But now the twist: they are most likely forged.
I would offer 4-1 odds that this is really a Republican manuever to completely discredit […]

Sep 8th 2004

Gmail invites

A free Gmail invite will be awarded to the first four readers who post a news item in the comments section that they feel should be covered more by the mainstream press.

Sep 8th 2004

Kerry on the Counter Attack!

Ben Barnes, Democrat and former Lt. Gov. of Texas in 1968, is now coming out and saying that he helped get Bush his spot on the National Guard. True or not (it is contrary to what he’s said under oath apparently) it’s kind of funny that Ben Barnes is one of the top fundraisers […]

Sep 8th 2004

Examining Kerry

All of Mark Steyn’s columns are must-reads for political junkies, but his most recent piece for The Daily Telegraph (a British newspaper) is exceptional.
In Sunday’s Observer, Robert McCrum observed: “Today, by some margin, George W Bush is the most despised figure in America.”

“These guys are out of touch with reality,” twitters Wallace Shawn, referring to […]

Sep 6th 2004

Movable Type 3.11

We’ve upgraded to the newest version of Movable Type. There seem to be a few hiccups. Please bear with us while we work on them. 🙂

Sep 1st 2004

The Best of Both Worlds!!

If you act fast, you can simultaneously GIVE money to Ann Coulter and SPEND money from John F. Kerry’s campaign.
Go to Ann Coulter’s web site. See those ads at the top of the page? If the pro-Kerry ads are still displaying click them! Kerry’s campaign will have to pay for them, and […]