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Oct 31st 2004

FWWJV? (for whom would jesus vote?)

i disagree with my sister on john kerry’s belief in god and the way in which he chooses to reconcile it with his political positions. i claim his nonsense stance is evidence that he doesn’t have one. she claims he’s taking the right position politically. what raised this disagreement were john kerry’s […]

Oct 29th 2004

the choice: a helpful video

in 2000 i was out of the country and had limited access to information on the presidential election. i asked my mom to send me news clippings, and there was one, in particular, that helped me make up my mind. it was a series of baseball questions that major league baseball posed to […]

Oct 27th 2004

NHL lockout thoughts

i haven’t blogged about the NHL lockout yet, but i don’t really want to blog about it. i want it to go away. i want to know that in six months, i am going to be enjoying the two best months of the year again–months full of game sevens, quadruple overtimes, and pure […]

Oct 27th 2004

One Week Until Complete Meltdown

On Wednesday, November 3rd, America will wake up to watch the beginning of the great unraveling. Even when Bush wins big I think that the Democrats have so much emotionally invested in this election that they will not go down without a suicidal Dean-scream and a fight to their death.
Let’s review what’s going to […]

Oct 26th 2004

simp-sinc saga continues

ashlee simpson cancelled a concert at a utah school today. surely, many impressionable youths were crushed to learn that they would have to listen to her CD on their own stereos, rather than hear it blasted over the school sound system. read the news report and watch the video here. [real player] […]

Oct 26th 2004

“oh, yeah! because democrats care about rights!”

the other day, a BYU professor used an instance of some protesters being shooed out of a bush rally to take the moral high ground and declare that no democrat would ever do such a thing.
i commented on his post, and noted that democrats DO repress opposing viewpoints, using such effective (but illegal) methods as […]

Oct 25th 2004

Best Ad of The Campaign

For all those who love Reagan, there is a new ad that is by far the best one of the season.
Watch it here courtesy of Americans for Peace Through Strength.

Oct 25th 2004

how’s iraq? don’t ask CNN

dr. james mayfield, who spent a year in iraq working with USAID, has a different perspective than you might have heard. what follows is a summary of his remarks, provided by a student who attended mayfield’s recent lecture. the student’s remarks were originally published by thisliberal. here’s the most interesting […]

Oct 24th 2004

ashlee simpson: manufactured by MTV, deconstructed by SNL

ashlee simpson messed up her scheduled lip-sync on saturday night live this weekend. download the hilarious video here [3MB, windows media]. i feel bad for her, but it’s only right that the saying applies, “live by the fake image, die by the fake image”.
usa today was the first official news outlet […]

Oct 23rd 2004

carter and matthews brainstorm on historic parallels

apparently, the two were kind of freestylin’ it (as the progressive musicians say) and didn’t realize that each statement topped the one before it on the overall statement-stupidity index. watch as the statements get more and more kooky and outlandish as they go on.
#1: iraqi insurgents are pretty much the same […]