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Oct 22nd 2004

Bush In The Homestretch

Eleven days and counting.
The Bush campaign has an excellent ad out regarding Kerry & Co. wanting to slash intel spending after the first World Trade Center bombing in the 90’s. It is being compared to The Bear ad that Reagan ran in ’84.
Read all about it, and watch it, at the Daily Recycler.

Oct 21st 2004

Kerry: Declare Victory!

From an AP report regarding Kerry’s election day strategy, emphasis mine:
“Right now, we have 10,000 lawyers out in the battleground states on Election Day, and that number is growing by the day,” said Michael Whouley, a Kerry confidant who is running election operations at the Democratic National Committee.
While the lawyers litigate, political operatives will […]

Oct 21st 2004

teresa to stay-at-home moms: “you’re lazy! go out and get a real job.”

because you’ve worked and sweated for every cent you have, right teresa? seriously, your statement to USA today fascinates me! especially coming from a woman who, earlier this year, couldn’t recognize the chili at a wendy’s restaurant.
you, teresa, are such an elitist, it makes me sick.
[read the weekly standard article]
see also:
“shove […]

Oct 20th 2004

Bush to Win Election

So say America’s children…and they have only been wrong twice in the last 64 years.
Scholastic Election Poll

Oct 19th 2004

John/John : The Manly Candidates

In the past several days the duo known as John/John to millions of admirers has quashed…I mean QUASHED…any doubt that they are, in fact, the manliest of all duos.

Kerry playing soccer.
Edwards playing Barbie (with his own hair).

Oct 19th 2004

Looking to buy a laptop?

Today would be a great day to do it.
Follow this link for $750 off Dell Inspiron laptops. The original price must exceed $1,500. So you basically can get a system for half price. Very nice…

Oct 19th 2004

Kerry’s Motto: I will say ANYTHING to get elected

David Brooks at The New York Times has a great summary of why John F. Kerry is a true political scumbag.
An excerpt:
So nobody could imagine how incompetent, crude and over-the-top Kerry has been in this final phase of the campaign. At this point, smart candidates are launching attacks that play up the doubts voters already […]

Oct 19th 2004

clusty search (beta)

try our new search tool in the sidebar. it’s called ‘clusty’. it wants to be your friend.

[Clusty organizes] search results by grouping similar items together into folders. Thus a search for �pearl� organizes the top 250-500 results into subjects such as Jewelry, Pearl Harbor, Pearl Jam, Steinbeck Novel, and Daniel Pearl. […]

Oct 18th 2004

If only Zoolander had brought injury upon the Malaysian Prime Minister…

…then we would be spared his anti-semetic diatribes.
But alas, the Jew-hating has taken a back seat to his most recent crusade: ensuring the election of John Kerry! In a not-so-stunning declaration to American muslims, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said that voting for Kerry “…is truly an ibadah (act of devotional worship) that you perform.”
The fundamental […]

Oct 16th 2004

Jon Stewart Destroys Crossfire

Daily Show host Jon Stewart was on Crossfire yesterday and was not funny at all. Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala were expecting him to ham it up, but Stewart came out of the gate criticizing Crossfire (and other “political shows”) and didn’t stop swinging until the end.
The thing is, as Mitch would say, that […]