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Dec 31st 2004

travis’ favorites, year two

editor’s note: below you will find what i consider to be my best work from my second year on this blog (march 2004 – december 2004). other years are here: year one (march 2003-march 2004), year three (january 2005-december 2005), and year four (january 2006-december 2006). — travis
with the end of another year […]

Dec 28th 2004

posner on 1L misconceptions, other law school stuff

i will have to excuse myself from the blog for the next six-eight weeks, as i throw together a personal statement and study for the february 12 LSAT administration. the pressure is on, since i’ve only been working on things for a couple of weeks. i may blog infrequently, but i’d like to […]

Dec 27th 2004

about tsunamis

Contrary to public perception, a tsunami is not typically a single monstrous wave. Usually, a series of giant waves roll ashore during the course of two or three hours.
“A lot of the casualties are not from drowning – they’re from blunt trauma from people being smashed up by debris,” Dudley said. [source]
– – – […]

Dec 25th 2004

Merry Christmas

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.
And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.
And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which […]

Dec 22nd 2004

christmas anti-cheer

recently, while watching television, i overheard the most retarded quotation of the modern era. i blogged it here, and mason of provo pulse kindly quoted me on his blog.
the reaction on this blog centered on whether jesus could really be said to be the “reason” for christmas celebrations, because of the pagan […]

Dec 21st 2004

Christmas Day – 1776

Read the story of George Washington and the crossing of the Delaware in today’s NY Times.
AS 1776 was drawing to a close, Elkanah Watson, a young man in Massachusetts, expressed what many Americans feared about their war for independence. “We looked upon the contest as near its close,” he wrote, “and considered ourselves a vanquished […]

Dec 17th 2004

Who is running PR for Michael Jackson?

Regular all-encompassingly reader and esteemed scholar Dr. Richard Kimball sent us the following tidbit from the news today, with comments in italics:
Michael Jackson hosts 200 children at Neverland party
LOS OLIVOS, Calif. Pop singer Michael Jackson today greeted some two hundred children who were brought to his Neverland ranch to play in its amusement park.
“I hope […]

Dec 15th 2004

most retarded quotation of the modern era

some guy from some atheist organization went on national tv last night and defended the expelling of christmas carols from public schools with this statement:

“jesus is not the reason for christmas.”

hey idiot! if christ isn’t the reason for christmas, then what’s the problem with singing about him in the darn songs? he […]

Dec 12th 2004

kobe bryant: “nobody treats my wife that way–except me!”

kobe has publicly denounced karl malone for apparently “coming on” to the young NBA superstar’s wife a few weeks ago. he was upset that someone would treat his wife so disrespectfully.
this is curious, considering kobe currently charged with raping a young hotel worker in colorado. even if the facts point to his innocence […]

Dec 8th 2004

taxes and fairness

when you put it this way, it seems the only way to be fair is to tax workers less:

“What if, instead of paying taxes in money, the government forced you to work on a chain gang in order to pay taxes? If you have to work until 5PM every day, but everyone else […]