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Jan 18th 2005

When a Japanese baby is born….

This is our first (of many!) video posts. This is an ad produced in Australia, showing the birth of the average Japanese baby.
Just press play, and enjoy!

If no movie appears, click here to download Macromedia Flash Player 7.
Many thanks go to the Spanish blog tintachina for providing this code to bloggers everywhere.

Jan 18th 2005

mark cuban on randy moss’ “fake-moon”

like most sane, normal people, i imagined the worst when ESPN sportscenter wouldn’t even show randy moss’ “tasteless” touchdown celebration the morning after minnesota beat green bay last week. i can’t remember exactly, but i think one anchor might have said, “randy has finally gone over the edge” or something to that effect. […]

Jan 17th 2005

cell phone users: deserved of guevaraian justice?

read about it here: This Liberal: Che Guevara at BYU

Jan 15th 2005

Ban the swastika?

Apparently some German lawmakers, seizing an opportunity provided by the outrage at Prince Harry’s wardrobe malfunction, are suggesting that there be a Europe-wide ban on Nazi insignia.
“All of Europe suffered under Nazi crimes in the past, therefore, it would be logical for Nazi symbols to be banned all over Europe,” said Silvana Koch-Merin, vice president […]

Jan 14th 2005

video: napoleon dynamite reading letterman’s top 10 list

i promised my dentist, a native of preston, idaho, that we would post this video featuring the late show’s “top ten signs you’re not the most popular guy in your high school”. napoleon dynamite (jon heder) presents the list.

and remember, kids: hygiene, tetherball, and bowhunting skills are the key to being popular with […]

Jan 7th 2005

video: simpson booed off stage for crime against humanity

a brief, but damning clip of the former lip-synchers atrocious performance at the orange bowl halftime show is here: [Ashlee Simpson Booed Off Stage]. many thanks to for hosting the video. [listen really close between the 20 & 22 second mark on the clip. you’ll hear someone shout, “YOU SUCK!”]. […]

Jan 6th 2005

want to laugh/cry? read these insights from provo’s best, brightest

Tsunamis |
doug and i have both chimed in on the discussion, but most of the gargantuan BS is coming from joseph price (aka provojoe) and r. blades (aka mr. marbles). here are a few excerpts from the discussion:
UPDATE: as is the case in many discussions that pit liberal BYU students against conservative […]