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Mar 30th 2005

mitch hedberg archive

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mitch hedberg’s death
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Mar 29th 2005

another berlin wall crumbles

when president bush gave his inaugural address in january, and focused on the spread of freedom and liberty around the world, critics called his ideas lofty, unrealistic, and abstract. i was inclined to agree with them. but don’t we all look like idiots now?
since being sworn-in for his second term, i […]

Mar 27th 2005

Google and Easter Logo

The question is: why wasn’t there one on the Google homepage?

Mar 26th 2005

Headline of the Year (so far)

Iraq’s insurgents ‘seek exit strategy’

Mar 23rd 2005

Yahoo Mail 1 GB

It looks like Yahoo is going to match Google on the 1 GB (that’s gigabyte) space provided for mail.
Let the portal wars begin!

Mar 21st 2005

Terri Schiavo from James Q. Wilson

When I was a senior in high school Leon Busche introduced our AP Government class to James Q. Wilson.
With the recent controversy surrounding the right-to-die/kill debate re: Terri Schiavo, Wilson has written a compelling piece for the Wall Street Journal in which he argues for Mrs. Schiavo’s life.
A key excerpt:

Mar 20th 2005

Was the Iraq War worth it? An Iraqi perspective.

On the Iraq War’s two year anniversary Instapundit points us to this post from an Iraqi blogger:
So you ask me, Husayn, was it worth it. What have you gotten? What has Iraq acheived? These are questions I get a lot.

Mar 19th 2005

Stephen Covey and Kim Jong-il

Stephen Covey gave a speech at BYU last week and showed this ad, demonstrating the “importance of one”. As a bonus, it features Doctor Richard Kimball’s favorite dictator.
Watch the ad.

Mar 18th 2005

2008 GOP Presidential Brackets

Are the NCAA Tourney brackets just not enough to keep you busy?
Well then, go vote for your favorite 2008 GOP possible nominees during a commercial break of the NCAA coverage.

Mar 17th 2005

try trillian

rightly calling itself “the swiss army knife of instant messaging“, trillian allows you to login and chat with contacts on five different instant messaging/chat programs through one portal. i don’t really need it, but for people like summer and rach who have friends using both AIM and MSN instant messengers, it could come in […]