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Mar 15th 2005

Google’s Next Homepage?

Check out GoogleX.

Mar 15th 2005

AOL Instant Messenger = Bad

If you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) to chat with friends and/or colleagues online, you should be following with great interest the stir surrounding AIM’s Terms of Service (TOS).
Contentious – Why You Should Stop Using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) RIGHT NOW!
Slashdot – AIM’s New Terms Of Service
Slashdot’s followup – AOL: We’re Not Spying on AIM […]

Mar 14th 2005

That Liberal Media

From none other than the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, we are brought more evidence that the media is liberal (or at the very least, favors the Democrats):
NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. media coverage of last year’s election was three times more likely to be negative toward President Bush than Democratic challenger John Kerry, […]

Mar 10th 2005

Google News, How You Want It

If you use Google News, you are going to love this. If you don’t, this may make you switch.
Google News is now customizable. Amazing stuff. I now have top World stories on the upper left, Argentina news (in Spanish) on the upper right, and aggregated “mormon” news in the lower left. […]

Mar 10th 2005

happy two years, blog

before i forget, the blog turns 2 years old this month. i’d just like to wish her a happy birthday. if you want to see the start of it all, check out, where we dashed off sloppy tripe and called it a blog. now (at least) we meticulously pour over our […]

Mar 9th 2005

Gmail Invites, Invitaciones de Gmail

Since I’ve got 49 Gmail invites sitting in my account I thought that I would extend an invite to all-encompassingly readers.
If you don’t have Gmail yet and want to experience the best web-based email around, leave a comment. To protect your privacy don’t post your email in the large comments box, just put it […]

Mar 8th 2005

Due to Popular Demand

I recently received an email from the Political Science department here at BYU announcing their year end social for the Political Science honor society. Here is the line that caught my eye:
Due to popular demand, students can still buy tickets for the PSA Closing Social until Thursday March 10 at 4:00.
What they are really […]

Mar 7th 2005

the blog in flux

Well folks, welcome to all-encompassingly: the WordPress edition.
This is just a temporary generic design, which will be replaced in the next week or so. Please bear with us as we change things around.

Mar 7th 2005

greg graffin’s ph.d

there have been rumors for about the last 10 years that he was working on something like this. greg graffin, the frontman for one of my top-five favorite bands of all-time (bad religion) was recently awarded a ph.d from cornell. you can get a pretty good idea of his work here. there […]

Mar 6th 2005

Advice From a Syrian Executive

Another bit from loyal blog participant, Marshall:
As an intern in a Damascus based multi-national company, I took every opportunity to glean nuggets of business wisdom from the Syrian owner-founder Khalid Mahjoub. Although some of it went over my non-marketing head, one piece of advice stuck with me:
The U.S. needs to watch out for the E.U. […]