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Apr 9th 2005

Numa Numa

I thought that I was the last person to see this video, but I guess not. Think: Star Wars Kid + William Hung, but cooler.
Watch Numa Numa.

Apr 7th 2005

MSN Spaces

Microsoft recently entered the blogging world with “MSN Spaces,” a Blogger-type service where users can create their own blogs.
As is being reported, however, Microsoft apparently owns anything that their users publish:

Apr 6th 2005

CNN’s clueless media coverage of the pope’s funeral

with unabashed tackiness, christiane amanpour obsessed over the pontiff’s “controversiality”. at least helen thomas wasn’t there…
for my part, i am in awe of the inspiring life the man lived.

Apr 2nd 2005

Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005)

(quiet mumbly voice) haha…..alright…..yeah…..
As many of you already know, the inspiration for this blog, Mitch Hedberg, has died.
You can read all about it through Google News.
We will be adding several Mitch related elements to the page over the next little while.