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May 30th 2005

Global Voices Online

Earlier today I discovered an amazing resource of news, commentary, and global insight.
If you are interested in world news, delivered from the personal perspective that only a blogger can offer :), then check out Global Voices Online. It’s a wrap-up of blogging from around the world.

May 30th 2005

Hugo Chavez

For the past couple days rumors had been swirling in and around Caracas that the Venezuelan leader/president/dictator Hugo Chavez had died. Unfortunately the rumors were incorrect. The “Indio Putumayo” (as Fidel refers to him) is alive and kicking.
UPDATE: See some of our other posts about everyone’s favorite Latin American idiot.

May 27th 2005

PBS: Why does it still exist?

Why we should get rid of PBS.
My discussion with Andrew at American Idle regarding PBS.
[Link removed, as American Idle is not active anymore]

May 27th 2005

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

In memory of those who went before

and in honor of those who continue to fight.

May 26th 2005

Media Matters

Media Matters, a liberal media watchdog recently posted an article attacking Accuracy in Media (AIM), a conservative media watchdog. Besides the laughable sophistry that wouldn’t fool a five year-old, the article ends with this tidbit of “information”:
AIM received nearly $3.8 million in funding from conservative foundations between 1985 and 2003, much of it from […]

May 26th 2005

NBA 2005 Mock Draft

I’ve started a site to test some WordPress functionality (adding RSS feeds, etc). You can see it here, at NBA 2005 Mock Draft (.com).
And if you don’t want to wait till the draft, visit Xbox Cheat Code where I’m starting another little blog about cheat codes for Xbox games, like NBA Live 2005.

May 20th 2005

Curtis Heroman

Did you average 6-8 points a game in high school and not even play basketball in college?
No problem!
The NBA draft could be your meal ticket. At least one LSU student seems to think that entering the draft could get him some invites to some team camps.

May 20th 2005

Howard Dean Scream

Want a blast from the past?
Visit one of our most popular pages, the infamous dive into madness of our beloved DNC Chairman (then presidential candidate) Howard Dean.
Watch the Howard Dean scream here.

May 20th 2005

Google: The Coming Portal

Behold the power of Google.
Ok. Not as much content is available, yet, compared to MyYahoo. But it is cool that Google is working on this. Best feature so far? The ability to simply drag content around your page.

May 19th 2005

Nominees and Senate Filibuster

Bob Dole has a great Op-Ed in today’s Washington Times on judicial nominees and filibusters in the Senate.
In the current debate over judicial nominations, some commentators claim Republicans such as myself are misrepresenting history by suggesting the current filibuster tactics of the Democrats are unprecedented.
These commentators cite the 1968 nomination of Abe Fortas to be […]