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May 19th 2005

Contextual Advertising?

Partial screenshot of an article:

May 16th 2005

The Next Big Thing – Slingbox

A clever device I read about on the flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake, Slingbox, is going to revolutionize how (and where) a lot of us watch TV.
From the web site:
The Slingbox enables a consumer to watch their live TV programming from wherever they are by turning virtually any laptop or Internet-connected device into […]

May 15th 2005

Newsweek Incites Deadly Rioting

Newsweek ran a story a little while ago about the alleged desecration of the Quran by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. This report was picked up by media in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In turn, angry mobs took to the streets in a series of anti-American riots. So far nine people have died.
The catch? […]

May 10th 2005


A long time all-encompassingly reader is launching their own blog, IMAXblog.
Welcome to the blogosphere Ryan!
I’m sure that this is going to become a hub for all things IMAX related…

May 10th 2005

Class Actions, The Paper

Vioxx, settlements, and lawyers…oh my!
My paper on Class Actions:
One of the most controversial legal subjects today is that of class actions. Holding both the potential for immense social good and great economic madness (depending on your point of view) there seems to be precious little space for neutrality between the battling forces of legal opinion. […]

May 10th 2005

Class Action Lawsuits

and their proverbial bounties for actual class members…a real story from an all-encompassingly reader.
On a similar note, I recently finished a paper on the subject of class action lawsuits, which I will be posting shortly.

May 9th 2005

The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington launched her much anticipated group blog today, The Huffington Post. The montage of left-leaning celebrities did not disappoint!
I’m unsure as to who my favorite new blogger is, however. The two leading contestants are John Cusack and Walter Cronkite.
Cusack rambled on about Hunter Thompson’s memorial service and liquid acid. It was […]

May 3rd 2005

Free Ipod Ipod Shuffle…really!

I know that you all have seen these ads on the web screaming “Get a FREE Ipod here!!!”
Well, a friend of mine has done one of these and actually received a free Ipod. So, I offer you a link so that you too can participate.
A good deal to use is the Complete Home one, […]

May 3rd 2005

clinging to social security? i’m afraid you’re dumb

The rate of return on Social Security is 2 percent or less and since 1926 the average rate of return on the stock market has been 7.56 percent.
In 2017, the government will begin to pay out more in Social Security benefits than its collects in payroll taxes – and shortfalls grow larger with each passing […]