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Jul 30th 2005

A just question, my liege.

Arthur Chrenkoff raises an an interesting point from the recent bombings in London.
We are told that London bombings are a result of Tony Blair’s decision to participate in the illegal invasion of Iraq.

There are 250,000 Iraqis living in Great Britain – that’s quarter of a million people, one of the biggest communities in Iraqi diaspora, […]

Jul 28th 2005

Record Industry Scared Silly

The recording industry is frightened to death that new technology is helping anyone and everyone become a producer. Geee…if the big labels were actually putting out a plethora of quality music, what would they have to fear?
Funny quotes from the Beatles’ old producer, who is particularly peeved at this development.
Legendary BEATLES producer GEORGE MARTIN […]

Jul 28th 2005

John Roberts – Stealth Conservative

Ann Coulter writes again this week about the nomination of John Roberts, starting her column with some astounding quotes.
— “He’s a scholarly man; he has a good education; he has been recommended by legal authorities; he has a good record in lower courts.” — President Bush
— “This decision had the advantage of being acceptable to […]

Jul 28th 2005

Hugo Chavez: Media Entrepreneur

While this shouldn’t be a surprise, it is nonetheless unsettling.
The new Venezuela-backed Latin American TV station Telesur is considering a possible alliance with Aljazeera.
Telesur president Andres Izarra announced the possibility on Wednesday as he confirmed he would step down as Venezuela’s information minister to head the recently created Latin channel, which President Hugo Chavez has […]

Jul 27th 2005

Hugo Chavez Fan Club President

Some people are either ignorant or just plain dumb, or both.
July 6, 2005
Danny Glover, unwilling to be outdone by Castro amigo jack Nicholson or Hanoi (I mean Baghdad) Jane, has stepped forward in support of Hugo Chavez.
UPDATE: See some of our other posts about everyone’s favorite Latin American idiot.

Jul 27th 2005

Fidel Castro – Man of the People

Fidel Castro dealing with pesky political protests.
So you want dialogue with fidel?
Bring a big friggin’ stick. You are going to need it.

Jul 26th 2005

Guess Who Said…

Hands up those who believed George W. Bush would actually fire his aide, Karl Rove. Rove who was responsible for transforming a Texan “businessman” into a serious politician and thus made himself the second most powerful man in Washington.
President Bush cannot exist without Rove at his side.
It was nothing more than an empty promise […]

Jul 26th 2005

brazilian hypocrisy astounds

given brazil’s recent complaints, it is very interesting to look into brazil’s own law enforcement problems. the brazilian government seems to be holding britain to an unbelievably high standard for exercising lethal force. it is outraged by the mistaken killing of one of its citizens in london and chooses to ignore the circumstances […]

Jul 25th 2005

Grow Up Brazil, Part Deux

UPDATE: Many of the facts available when I originally posted this story have now changed. Jean Charles de Menezes did not, in fact, do anything that should have placed him under suspicion (running towards subway, jumping the ticket barrier, etc). He was followed by plain clothes police officers because he looked like a suspect […]

Jul 25th 2005

Worst News in Three Years (from Argentina)

Workers in the beef industry of Argentina are going on strike for 48 hours.