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Jul 25th 2005

forrest lump

(or so he calls himself). follow the story of steve vaught at

Jul 25th 2005

File Under: Inevitable

Jane Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour
Money quote:
Fonda said her anti-war tour in March will use a bus that runs on “vegetable oil.”

Jul 25th 2005

offwing opinion: liveblogging the NHL’s comeback

scroll down friday’s post to read eric’s coverage of the draft lottery and related news (rules changes, the new logo, & more).
actually, just check out all of his recent hockey-related stuff.

Jul 25th 2005

US soccer wins CONCACAF gold cup :: lance armstrong takes 7th straight tour de france

it has been a big sunday for american sports.
following a 0-0 tie in the CONCACAF gold cup, the US men’s soccer team defeated panama in a shootout. the win came after the USA already obtained its highest rank ever in the FIFA/coca-cola world rankings: 6th. this win, i’m guessing opens […]

Jul 24th 2005

The British Have Backbones

If there was any doubt that the British are not a squeamish nation, here is an excerpt from an article entitled British terror police face shooting backlash:
On Sunday, ministers and senior police officers defended a policy of shooting dead individuals suspected of being suicide bombers, in spite of calls from British Muslim groups, human rights […]

Jul 24th 2005

Happy Pioneer Day!

Here in Utah it is a pretty big deal and a state holiday.
Happy Pioneer Day!

Jul 23rd 2005

Gastón Pauls – Actor (y Genio de la Política)

Un amigo me mandó una entrevista de Gastón Pauls que se dió en 2001. Me llamó la atención su comentario sobre la situación Argentina en aquel entonces.
Noticias: ¿Cómo vive la Argentina?
Pauls: De los últimos dos años, los últimos once meses los viví afuera. Pero percibo la violencia. No hablo sólo del hambre, sino de […]

Jul 23rd 2005

Grow Up Brazil

UPDATE: Many of the facts available when I originally posted this story have now changed. Jean Charles de Menezes did not, in fact, do anything that should have placed him under suspicion (running towards subway, jumping the ticket barrier, etc). He was followed by plain clothes police officers because he looked like a suspect […]

Jul 23rd 2005

Victoria Toensing Steamrolls Terry Neal

Victoria Toensing helped write the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. She is also a “Republican activist.”
Yesterday Terry Neal of the Washington Post interviewed her for his online “Political Players with Terry Neal” series. He begins by describing Toensing’s conservative bona fides, and then hilarity ensues as she rhetorically bodyslams Neal for being such a […]

Jul 22nd 2005 and the i-15 billboard

first, check out this story.

So, what is behind the billboard ad campaign? Apparently, Archibald has come down with a case of Steve Young Syndrome: He’s 31, very eligible, bumping around Utah Valley, but — gasp — he’s UNMARRIED!
His friends and co-workers at LogoWorks secured the billboard ad space as part of a campaign […]