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Aug 17th 2005

Oh Yeah…That Liberal Media

From Chrenkoff:
When parents of a Marine from Ohio killed in Iraq call in question President Bush’s strategy in Iraq, advocating either escalation or complete withdrawal, and call Cindy Sheehan “the Rosa Parks of the new movement opposing the Iraq war”, “The Washington Post” thinks the story is important enough to make page A02 of the […]

Aug 16th 2005

The Peronist Party

María Zaldívar opines:
But why do I ascribe authoritarianism to the Peronists? Because they do not disagree, they disqualify; they do not debate, they criticize; they do not discuss, they accuse; they do not reason, they mandate; and many of them do not think, they obey. They simply obey.
Via Sine Metu.
Additional all-encompassingly coverage about the Peronist […]

Aug 16th 2005

A Just Question My Liege, #2

Michael Barone asks:
How much coverage would the press have given a World War II-era Cindy Sheehan who camped outside Hyde Park or Warm Springs demanding to meet with President Roosevelt?
Hat tip: Instapundit.

Aug 15th 2005

Behold The Power of Quark

The first was on the morning of October 22. Seismometers in Turkey and Bolivia recorded a violent event in Antarctica that packed the punch of several thousand tons of TNT. The disturbance then ripped through Earth on a route that ended with it exiting through the floor of the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka just […]

Aug 15th 2005

Stupid-Funny Things Liberals Said #7,693

From Chrenkoff:
Behold, the voice of the new Democratic Party. Kos tells us what he really thinks:
So Casey [Sheehan] and 2,047 US and allies have died to establish an anti-women, anti-Israel, terrorist-harboring Islamic regime that is actually less free than Saddam’s Iraq. How the hell they managed that is beyond belief, incompetence of breathtaking proportions.
Ah, the […]

Aug 15th 2005

Cindy Sheehan (and her extremist handlers)

Cliff Kincaid and Roger Aronoff have the full scoop.
The story of Cindy Sheehan is a sad story all the way round. It is sad she lost her son in the Iraq War. It is sad that she is being exploited by far left. It is also sad that she is being exploited by the media […]

Aug 15th 2005

Sharon on Gaza Pullout

From the Prime Minister:
“We cannot hold onto Gaza forever. More than a million Palestinians live there and double their number with each generation. They live in uniquely crowded conditions in refugee camps, in poverty and despair, in hotbeds of rising hatred with no hope on the horizon,” he said in a five minute address.
“The world […]

Aug 15th 2005

Martina Fos – Pedir Disculpas

Martina Fos escribió una carta de lector en diciembre de 2003. Aunque mucho tiempo haya transcurrido, es como si nada hubiera cambiado.
Según Kirchner, Inglaterra tendría que “pedir disculpas” por el supuesto envío de armas atómicas durante la guerra de Malvinas. Kirchner y todo el gobierno deberían dejar de “ver la paja en el ojo […]

Aug 12th 2005

Media Shield Law Would Cover Al Qaeda

So says Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey Jr.
“The definition of a ‘covered person’ contained in subparagraph 7(1)(A) of the bill raises several distinct concerns.
“…it would cover criminal or terrorist organizations that also have media operations, including many foreign terrorist organizations, such as al Qaeda (which, from its founding, maintained a media office that published […]

Aug 11th 2005

Nestor Kirchner and Hugo Chavez

Best of friends…
Muy buenos amigos…

Sharing some favorite passages from the large-print version of Mao’s Little Red Book.
Compartiendo algunos pasajes preferidos del Libro Rojo de Mao (la versión con letra grande).

UPDATE: See some of our other posts about everyone’s favorite Latin American idiot.