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Sep 15th 2005

blanco, landrieu, & responsibility

wizbang has the commentary, has the videos [blanco video] [landrieu video]
what losers.

Sep 14th 2005

compensation for katrina victims

the non-violence advocate from the university of louisville who advocated killing president bush* [previous coverage here] also suggested:

I say once you get out of New Orleans or wherever else has been destroyed you demand FREE housing and medical treatment paid for by the U.S. government.

meanwhile, someone interviewed an individual who decided he was due […]

Sep 13th 2005

Northwest Airlines Is Bankrupt…Finally!

The fact that Northwest Airlines is filing for bankruptcy should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the privilege of flying with them in the past few years.
My younger brother and I were stranded at the Minneapolis airport for hours thanks to the rank incompetence of Northwest’s Reagan National employees.
Heck, even Congress demanded […]

Sep 13th 2005

“non-violence” chairman suggests killing president bush

though this story is a couple of days old, i thought i should mention it. it has to do with my old kentucky home:
Secret Service investigates posting about shooting Bush (by Chairman Nonviolent Coordinating Cmte)

Associated Press
LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a student who suggested in an Internet posting that people […]

Sep 13th 2005

ann althouse blogs the roberts confirmation hearing

at i watched the replay last night from biden through feinstein. my reaction was similar to that of ann’s son, chris,

“What is the point of them lecturing him like this?”

i’m not sure, and i doubt the lecturers themselves could provide a decent answer.

Sep 13th 2005

outrageous hurricane katrina quotes

right wing news has 20 and michelle malkin suggests a few more.
here’s my, er, favorite:

“You literally cannot continue to exist unless we blue-staters give you money. The situation is that simple. You have been leeching off of us for years, and now you depend on our charity for your very lives. So if you Jesusmaniac […]

Sep 12th 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Argentina

One of the better insights I’ve read on the “issue” of Hurricane Katrina comes from a comment on Slashdot:
How anyone can take away from Katrina the idea that *more* dependence on government is a good idea boggles the mind. Local and state governments were thoroughly incompetant, and FEMA was unable to force their way in […]

Sep 9th 2005

Arianna Huffington: A Karl Rove plant?

I love the emails that I get weekly from Arianna Huffington. If nothing else, they restore my confidence in the ability of Democrats to marginalize themselves to the point of electoral irrelevance.
This week’s is full of huff and puff and blame for Katrina. An instant classic:
And make no mistake, what we saw go […]

Sep 8th 2005

Los médicos cubanos

Guillermo hace una buena pregunta sobre los médicos cubanos:
Castro tiene 20.000 “médicos” en Venezuela.
Ahora se ofrece a enviar 1.500 “médicos” a New Orleans.
¿Hay alguien en Cuba que no sea “médico”?

Sep 7th 2005

lance to france: do not mess with texas

SEVEN-TIMES Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, provoked by recent doping allegations, is considering coming out of retirement in a bid to win an eighth consecutive edition of cycling’s greatest race.
Armstrong, a father of three who on Monday announced his engagement to rock star Sheryl Crow, confirmed today in a statement released through his agent […]