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Oct 19th 2005

you’ll be comforted to know harriet miers is an excellent bowler

last week i emailed my senators and asked them to vote against miers. this week, ann coulter explains why it is so important that a supreme court justice have a conservative judicial philosophy, not just be “in the bag” when it comes to voting:

We’ve been waiting 30 years to end the lunacy of […]

Oct 18th 2005

Talk about a can of worms…

Patrick Fitzgerald and Judy Miller are apparently involved in another court case besides the Clown Wilson affair…

Oct 11th 2005

all-encompassingly’s Favorite Loon

That this dude runs a country with nukes is scary enough…but that his fashion advisor lets hime wear those sunglasses…yikes!

Oct 5th 2005

Why I Can’t Stand “K-Lo” (Kathryn Lopez)

If there is any good to come out of the kerfuffle over the Harriet Miers nomination it is the incontravertible evidence that Cornerites are, on the whole, a bunch of bloviating conservative cry babies.
Their ring-leader, Kathryn Jean Lopez, has to be one of the most annoying practitioners of partisan hackery on the internet. Earth […]

Oct 5th 2005

Kirchner y Duhalde

No sé porque las fotos de los Kirchner y Duhalde (Nestor, Cristina, Eduardo, y Chiche) no aparecen en Google como el primer resultado cuando se haga una búsqueda de “sinverguenza“.
Los detalles:
Conmocionados, el presidente Néstor Kirchner, la mayoría de sus ministros nacionales y la plana mayor del PJ bonaerense intentaron ayer desestimar las denuncias publicadas por […]

Oct 4th 2005

Elections in Argentina

As you know, national elections are this month in Argentina. So in the fine Peronist tradition…let the not-so-discrete vote buying begin! (all links lead to Spanish language sites)
Washing machine? Here you go!
Construction materials? No problem!
Need cash? Just say the word!
Of course, Kirchner knows nothing of these goings-on.

Oct 4th 2005

Blogging Will Be Slow

Travis has started his first year of law school, I’m finished my last semester of undergrad and cramming for the LSAT….let’s just say that blogging has been (and will continue to be) light.

Oct 4th 2005

Google and Sun

This press conference surely will not disappoint.