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Dec 28th 2005

Las cosas como son…

Una de las publicidades de Sprite. ¿Esto será la explicación de mi vida? 😉

Dec 27th 2005

Isenbeck contra Quilmes

Estas tienen que ser las publicidades más chistosas que jamás he visto. Hay que mirarlas en el orden dado.
La cosa es que después de la primera publicidad, Quilmes hizo un juicio contra Isenbeck por usar su marca en la promo. Leer más sobre estas promos acá (y acá, acá, y acá.)
Y bueno….a las […]

Dec 26th 2005

Where’s the beef?

And a catch phrase is born…

Dec 25th 2005

The Reason for the Season

Merry Christmas.

Dec 24th 2005

Uno de cada diez…

Jejeje… Muy chistosa la publicidad.

Dec 23rd 2005

dingy harry reid & the english language

his idiocy (or perhaps racism) is exposed by opinion journal:

OPINION JOURNAL: Last week Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate minority leader, boasted to a Democratic gathering that “we killed the Patriot Act.” Perhaps realizing that this was not the most appealing message to send to voters outside the Bush-hating base, Reid took to the […]

Dec 21st 2005

calgary flames 1987 music video “red hot”

this video is unbelievable. i’m not sure who is to blame, the 80s or canada. in any case, it should be enough to keep every one of the participants out of the hall of fame until they explain themselves. hat tip: offwing opinion

Dec 19th 2005

Boca Juniors – Otra Vez Campeón!

Boca Juniors won the South American Cup on Sunday after winning the Argentine league championship earlier in the week. The game went to penalties and my favorite player on the team, goalie Roberto Abbondanzieri (on the right in the photo), saved two shots and kicked the winning goal.

Dec 15th 2005

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Morgan Freeman, one of the greatest actors of my lifetime (and one of my favorites), has some absolutely awesome comments regarding black history month and racism. They make me want to stand on this chair here in the library and scream, “Amen!”
Morgan Freeman says the concept of a month dedicated to black history is […]

Dec 14th 2005

Boca Juniors – Campeón!

Boca Juniors is champion for the 21st time of the Argentine soccer league!

¡Dale campeón!