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Jan 28th 2006

richard dutcher and the deserets

it sounds like the name of a band, but its actually a well-thought out conspiracy theory. a reporter from the deseret news appears to have misunderstood filmmaker richard dutcher’s recent comments at last weekend’s LDS film festival and miscostrued his comments to support friday’s headline: “LDS-film quality assailed.” our friend, alex hall, strenuously […]

Jan 25th 2006

Low Flow Showerheads

It’s a showerhead rebellion!
As usual, Seinfeld was there first.

Jan 21st 2006

2,000th comment

as of 4:30 pm est on 21 january 2006, we have 1,999 comments on this blog. the next person who comments here will leave number 2000.
so, comment away and be forever immortalized at it will be the type of thing you can put on your resume under “accomplishments & honors.”
but […]

Jan 17th 2006

alexander ovechkin magichkin

espn has video of ovechkin’s amazing goal.

the kid can play.

Jan 14th 2006

american express one card

i read their two-page ad today in time magazine. mother and son are pictured playing miniature golf. she poses the dilemma:

i want him to learn the importance of saving. he wants whatever he sees on television. any ideas?

the answer:

there’s one from american express. every time you make […]

Jan 14th 2006

race to “tree bark” flavor

apparently, atkins advantage and powerbar are in some sort of race to see whose bars can taste more like tree bark. see the text of a recent atkins ad:

90% less sugar and 70% more protein and fiber than PowerBar.

squirrels everywhere are salivating.

Jan 13th 2006

(801) 756-34xx

what would you do if you called a phone number and when the person answered, you realized you had the wrong number? not call that number again? not call that number every week for over a month, sometimes multiple times a day? no? me neither.
but not the person that i will […]

Jan 12th 2006

g.d. ritzys

it was my favorite fast food restaurant ever, and it all but disappeared* a decade ago. now it’s slowly coming back with a modified business plan. more at

*locations that remained open were in evansville, IN, owensboro, KY, and huntington, WV.

Jan 12th 2006

nacho libre

jared hess’ next film stars jack black.
the plot sounds like it has lots of “funny potential,” too.
and just look at this picture.

more at

Jan 6th 2006

people continue to say things

originally compiled in the summer of 2004, i’ve gone back and updated the following post with new quotations that accurately and entertainingly express the sublime human emotions displayed on this blog: alternatively, anger and delight.
they are comments from our visitors about the blog or its authors. they are organized somewhat chronologically, […]