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Mar 27th 2006

Live at Wal-Mart

Skyler Bartels has to be one of the coolest college students around. Instead of heading to the beach for spring break he decided to live at Wal-Mart.
Some kids go to Cancun. Skyler Bartels, a Drake University sophomore from Harvard, Neb., went to the garden and patio department.

He was never out to get Wal-Mart, he […]

Mar 23rd 2006

strange bedfellows (no pun intended)

is it just me, or is heidi fleiss hawking conservative t-shirts these days? on the left is an advertisement that has appeared on numerous conservative blogs and sites, including a site i just visited, humaneventsonline. on the right, we see ms. fleiss getting her day in court before she was whisked off to […]

Mar 20th 2006

Urinal: Ready, Aim, Fire

Warning: Bathroom humor. 🙂
After a meeting at church this previous Sunday I went to use the restroom. I was at a different chapel than I normally attend and was pleasantly surprised by the urinal furnishings at this building.
In fact, I was so amused that I waited until the bathroom was empty to pull my […]

Mar 16th 2006

AUDIO memories: ted kennedy on barack obama

today my sister asked me what i think of illinois senator barack obama. that brought to mind a recent ted kennedy moment. in this short

Mar 12th 2006

AUDIO: jay bennish “teaching” geography

audio as recorded by student sean allen. bennnish, on the today show, claimed he was merely presenting a different perspective to challenge the students. listen for yourself and see if you agree.

Mar 2nd 2006

david gregory reporting from [hiccup] india

previous david gregory coverage here. videos here and here.
white house correspondent, david gregory, called imus from india thursday, apparently while he was completely tanked. following is the transcript and the complete audio, courtesy of drudge and radioblogger.

Thu Mar 02 2006 08:52:09 ET
NBC […]