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Apr 27th 2006

Alberto Gonzales: Idiot

I always had my doubts about the crony-ish appointment of Alberto Gonzales to be our nation’s Attorney General. Now I know why. He is simply an idiot.
He wants to enlarge the scope and reach of the already ridiculous DMCA. Why? To combat music piracy. But wait…here is what Alberto “I’m […]

Apr 25th 2006

Ricky Williams: Suspended Again by NFL

This dude is unreal. He starts making a comeback in the NFL and then flunks another drug test.
The money quote:
Williams’ previous positive drug tests were for marijuana, which he acknowledged using. The latest test apparently involved a substance other than marijuana and may have been related to his interest in holistic medicine.

Apr 25th 2006


If you have never played Sudoku then prepare to become addicted.
The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called “regions”), starting with various digits given in some cells (the “givens”). Each row, column, and region must […]

Apr 25th 2006

Apes Are People (in Spain)

Or they will be shortly.
YOU CAN’T MAKE this stuff up: Zapatero’s Socialists will actually introduce a declaration in Parliament calling to grant “human rights” (sic) to apes. It’s not some academics stuff, it’s intended to pass in Parliament…

Apr 24th 2006

Free Computer Shopper Magazine Subscription

I just completed an order for a free year of Computer Shopper.
They don’t even ask for a Credit Card. And I’m guessing that this is for a limited time only.
See instructions and gift code here.

Apr 24th 2006

VIDEO: mckinney meltdown

when will she grow up? and why does her condescending tone remind me of every incompetent elementary school teacher i ever had? watch the video of cynthia mckinney’s latest public relations misstep

Apr 24th 2006

Dilbert Channels Seinfeld

Today’s Dilbert channels Seinfeld regarding car rentals.

Apr 23rd 2006

Coffee Ads on Manholes in NYC

This has to be the most creative marketing effort in recent memory.

Apr 21st 2006

Baby Abuse in Britain

Perhaps this is the happy medium between liberal democracy and sharia that we’ve been searching for?
A BANGLADESHI woman who shook a baby boy so violently that he suffered brain damage walked free from court yesterday because a judge conceded that she did not know how to behave in the West.
Rahella Khanom, 24, caused the five-month-old […]

Apr 21st 2006

Hugo Chavez: What a popular man!

I get comments to my posts here on all-encompassingly emailed to me directly at I’m not sure if we are moving up in some search engine’s rankings for “Hugo Chavez” searches, but I still get comments about previous blog posts regarding our favorite populist/socialist/military thug.
Here is one that came in today to a […]