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Apr 21st 2006

stupid government, we will build the effing fence ourselves

read about the minuteman border fence project
or go straight here to donate
informacion sobre el proyecto minuteman de construir una cerca en la frontera
done al proyecto hoy!

(PHOENIX, AZ) April 20, 2006 – Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, today announced plans by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”) to work with local Arizona […]

Apr 20th 2006

Hugo Chavez: “I will destroy the oil!”

Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, is at it again.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday again raised the specter of U.S. designs to oust him and promised that his government will blow up his country’s oil fields if the United States should ever attack.
Any reason that his picture doesn’t appear here?

Apr 20th 2006

The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

I read any bit of news that comes out of this case. Why is it so fascinating to me? I’m not sure. Perhaps because I hope to practice criminal law someday. Or perhaps because this is a real-life whodunit. The truth still isn’t out. Or, at least, definitive proof […]

Apr 20th 2006

Cheney Donates Millions to Charity; Liberals Outraged

Our beloved Vice President just can’t catch a break from these folks. This time it’s about his $1.9 million tax refund.
Here’s my comment over at the left-of-center Think Progress.
Basically, the VP and his wife cashed in a bunch of stock options set aside for charity, made millions, paid taxes on that money, the money […]

Apr 16th 2006

Real Madrid vs. Real Salt Lake at BYU?

This would be incredible.
It looks like Real Madrid might be travelling Utah to play Real Salt Lake. August 12, 2006 is the tentative date.

Apr 16th 2006

Falwell a Kingmaker?

Definitely not. But Falwell’s recent comments about Rudy Giuliani and John McCain speak volumes.
“Everybody admires him. And I’ll never forget the great things he did on 9/11 and following,” Falwell said.
“But, of course, we have, as conservative Christians who take the Bible seriously, we have probably irreconcilable differences on life and family and that […]

Apr 13th 2006

Google Calendar

Google takes another stab at helping me be more productive.
Check out Google calendar.

Apr 10th 2006

Kyoto Protocol Stops Global Warming

The Kyoto Protocol was opened for signature on December 11, 1997.
Global warming stopped in 1998.
I guess we just had to scare the earth into thinking that we were going to ease our consumption of fossil fuels.

Apr 8th 2006

President Bush and Concerned Citizen

So if you haven’t heard, this gentleman who was asking a question at one of Bush’s events gave a laundry list of alleged wrongs of the Bush. And finished by saying that Bush should be ashamed of himself.
You never stop talking about freedom, and I appreciate that. But while I listen to you talk […]

Apr 7th 2006

NSA Given Carte Blanche by AT&T?

This is really scary…
“The evidence that we are filing supports our claim that AT&T is diverting Internet traffic into the hands of the NSA wholesale, in violation of federal wiretapping laws and the Fourth Amendment,” said EFF Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. “More than just threatening individuals’ privacy, AT&T’s apparent choice to give the government secret, […]