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May 31st 2006

Screwtape on the Da Vinci Code

If you are a Christian believer and have read The Da Vinci Code, or even seen the movie, you will surely enjoy Eric Metaxas‘ soon-to-be-classic essay, Screwtape On The Da Vinci Code. The audio of the essay is just hilarious.
C.S. Lewis lives on! 🙂

May 30th 2006

Dictadorzuelo (con dinero!)

La palabra del día es: dictadorzuelo.
¿Uso cotidiano? Para describir a nuestro amigo Hugo Chavez. ¡Gracias a Alan García!

May 29th 2006

Memorial Day

Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known But to God

May 29th 2006

Top 10 Signs of Impending Paranoia

Just finished reading Allan Uthman’s Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State.
I only buy some of the stuff in points 2,3 and 5. So, I must not be completely paranoid yet, at least not in the Bush Derangement Syndrome sort-of way.
2. “The Long War” – Administrations in the future will undoubtedly […]

May 28th 2006

who is to blame in the hufnagel tragedy?

the lexington newspaper that humbly occupies the domain, has completely missed the point in one article on the tragic death of stephanie hufnagel. hufnagel, who was married and eight months pregnant, was killed by a 5,000 pound slab of falling concrete while she was on her way to work on may 16. […]

May 27th 2006

Want Better Essay Grades?

Change the font that your papers are written in, if it is allowed.

May 26th 2006

Real Madrid Bringing the Best to Salt Lake

The Salt Lake Tribune reports today that the game between Real Madrid and Real Salt Lake on August 12 is a done deal.
In response to our last post on the topic, all-encompassingly reader M.McD asked:
Any guesses as to which Real Madrid headliners will actually show up?
Now we know:
Emilio Butragueno, the vice president and general manager […]

May 25th 2006

Welcome Glenn!

Instapundit jumps on the “idiot” bandwagon.

May 24th 2006

Vote the Bums Out

Yet another reason not to support the GOP this fall. The Republican leadership is a joke.
House leaders of both parties stood in rare election-year unanimity Wednesday demanding the FBI surrender documents it took and remove agents involved in the weekend raid of a congressman’s office.
“The Justice Department must immediately return the papers it unconstitutionally […]

May 24th 2006

Barney Frank: Free Trader?

Barney Frank, who, like Dan Brown’s fake da Vinci, is a “flamboyant homosexual”, gave a rather…errr…flamboyant speech yesterday on the House floor (it’s page H3090 if the link is dead). [Editor: Nice, four commas and two “…” in one sentence.]
The topic: agricultural subsidies, specifically sugar.
Mr. Chairman, I am here to confess my reading incomprehension. […]