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Jun 27th 2006

world cup red card explosion

somebody please explain what is going on:

this year alone, we’re on track to top 30 red cards. it took world cup teams a combined 11 tournaments to reach 30 for the first time.
world cup stats courtesy planet world cup:
2006 red cards (and other numbers)
red cards, 1930-2002

Jun 26th 2006

The Birds (Sans Hitchcock)

Spooky, troubling, weird, mysterious, and amazing. A guy, a camcorder, and hundreds of birds.

Hat tip: John Dvorak

Jun 24th 2006

abu musab al-zarqawi knock-knock joke

I was just reading about the bombing of al-Zarqawi and noticed that there was a team of Special Ops guys observing the house, and likely painting it with an laser target indicator. It would have been much cooler if one of the Special Ops guys had run up, rang (sic) the doorbell and run off. […]

Jun 22nd 2006

2006 stanley cup champion carolina hurricanes

note: this post was written at the request rebuke of tiffany, a resident of north carolina.

the stanley cup, with a mystical lore all its own, adds another dimension to the national hockey league championship.

-it is the oldest trophy for which professional athletes compete. [it was first awarded in 1893, 113 […]

Jun 22nd 2006

ann coulter on americans for al-qaeda

in an interview on fox’s “dayside,” ann coulter responded to a question about the death of zarqawi by noting that with the death of an al-qaeda leader, everyone in the “organization” moves up a spot (“the former #3 guy is now #2, the #11 guy is #10, and the #48 guy is now howard dean”). […]

Jun 22nd 2006

world cup crap

halftime, US vs. ghana: i have never seen a world cup snatched out of a team’s grasp so literally by the referees. the italy game, i thought, was as bad as it could get (there, two americans were sent off with ticky-tack red cards). now ghana gets a penalty kick in stoppage […]

Jun 20th 2006

Hugo Chavez: Dopey Authoritarian

Hugo Chavez wants to shut down TV stations that disagree with him.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he may shut down television stations for criticizing the government and broadcasting “messages of hate.”
Chavez said the government has begun to review all television concessions, which expire in 2007. Chavez did not specify which stations may be shut down.
“We […]

Jun 16th 2006

Argentina 6 – Serbia & Montenegro 0

6 to 0.
Can I say anything else?
Vamos, vamos…Argentina!!!
UPDATE: Watch the goals and ignore the rather bad commentary (“Landon Donovan is capable of this level of play” referring to Saviola…oh…puh-lease!).

Jun 15th 2006

web gems

ESPN has theirs, i have mine.
number 1: tom alday, citing the washington times’ coverage of liberal bloggers and politicians in vegas. in a speech at the stratosphere,

washtimes: The line that earned [warner] the most enthusiastic applause with hoots and hollers was his call for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to […]

Jun 13th 2006

Dangerous “Profession”

We blogged about the Duke lacrosse rape case earlier this year, but now there is even more evidence that taking your clothes off for money is not a good idea.
Witnesses to the death of male stripper have conflicting stories about who stabbed the dancer outside of a bachelorette party, authorities said.
Edward Pedrosa, 24, died shortly […]