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Jul 31st 2006

Google: Caught in a Queer Quagmire

Google is in a fabulous fix with their Language Tools.
PinkNews reports that Google has agreed to change the Arabic translation of the word “gay” within Google’s translation tool. Now, I don’t know Arabic, but reportedly, the translation Google provides is equivalent to the word sodomite, which is derogatory. PinkNews says Google has “vowed to ameliorate […]

Jul 31st 2006

Dilbert: Solving World Peace

From the Dilbert blog, via Instapundit:
Recently we had a heat wave in California. My air conditioner broke because, I assume, it is not designed to operate in hot weather. That was the bad news. The good news is that I solved the problems in the Middle East. Allow me to explain.
During the several days […]

Jul 31st 2006

The Joys of Blogging

Personal Computer: $1,050

Internet connection: $55/month

Hosting for blog on web server: $17/month

Everyone who voted for the war was going on faulty intelligence that our Bushitler and Cheney cooked up.
I actually like what Ralph Nader stands for. Loved his last letter to Bushitler.

Just because you haven’t been doing any reading and believe all the hot air […]

Jul 30th 2006

jesus, muhammed, and the media

remember when comedy central censored refused to show a depiction of muhammed from an episode of south park? the south park guys, matt stone and trey parker, just gave an interesting interview at

Matt: “It’s open season on Jesus.”
Trey: “Yeah. You can do anything you want to Jesus.”
[they] learned the ridiculous […]

Jul 29th 2006

steve’s rules on lying

Bushitler and Dumbsfeld have proven they are in no position to lead our military. They got everything wrong and they lied to us Travis. Why can’t you just admit that lying is bad? It’s even worse when it costs human live and enslaves with debt.

if you lie, you are in no position to lead. […]

Jul 28th 2006

cindy sheehan wasting away!

this photo is from day 22 of her two-month “fast.”
at least she’s fulfilling part of the law of the fast. i have no idea whether she’s hungry or not:

That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, […]

Jul 27th 2006

pretty toney’s “universal laws”

i don’t know anything about this guy, so i probably shouldn’t be endorsing this video, but he has some advice on handwashing that i think everyone should hear.

Jul 27th 2006

hezbollah and the IDF: compare tactics

Jul 27th 2006

curtis, the sage: “al-jazeera is the same as FOX news!”

here are some of curtis’ recent shills for al-jazeera. it’s almost as if he’s trying to sell you an al-jazeera subscription door-to-door:

I read al jazeera all the time actually. It’s available on the internet in english and I’ve found them to be a fairly even-handed news organization. After you have read them for a […]

Jul 27th 2006

al-zawahiri: guilty of curtis’ dreaded “paintbrush syndrome”

read about the effects of paintbrush syndrome in comments by curtis to doug’s recent post, “defending israel.” in essence, it is unfair (and an instance of the frowned-upon “paintbrush syndrome”) to refer to more than one muslim group in the same breath. curtis has written:

I think you are affected with paintbrush syndrome. You […]