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Jul 25th 2006

The Netscape / Digg Kerfuffle

Amy Gahran has the best summary of this whole thing and why it isn’t a big deal at all.
There’s recently been a major and controversial overhaul of Netscape’s services. The most notable addition is that Netscape has created its own version of Digg.
If you haven’t used Digg, it’s worth checking out. This model has endless […]

Jul 25th 2006

Total Property Management – Horror Stories

A regular all-encompassingly reader, “Anonymous Renter,” has started a blog detailing the experiences that various tenants have had with Provo apartment complex management companies. In particular, with a big company in Provo, Total Property Management (click the link to be taken to the blog).
What can I say? Total Property Management (TPM) is a […]

Jul 25th 2006

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

The Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, answers questions from the German newspaper Der Spiegel.
SPIEGEL: How do you react to the massive international criticism of the many innocent victims?
Tzipi Livni: I very much regret the civilian victims. But there is a very significant difference between us and our enemies: we are defending ourselves against anyone who […]

Jul 24th 2006

Nobel Peace Winner: “I wanna kill Bush”

Why exert effort and try to convince the public that the Nobel Peace Prize is a yearly award for left-wing nutjobs? Let’s just let the Prize winners talk!
Nobel peace laureate Betty Williams displayed a flash of her feisty Irish spirit yesterday, lashing out at US President George W.Bush during a speech to hundreds of […]

Jul 24th 2006

EU: Doha Negotiations US Fault

The Doha round of trade talks have completely broken down. Let’s be clear, this is entirely the fault of both the US and EU insistance on starving Third World farmers through the use of domestic agricultural subsidies.
Of course, the EU representative doesn’t see it that way. She claims that the whole kerfuffle is […]

Jul 24th 2006

John Edwards: Chances getting better?

An interesting post over at Passport (Foreign Policy‘s new blog) reviews recommended changes to the Democratic primary schedule. Changes that would probably help John Edwards quite a bit.
If the DNC approves the new calendar, the Iowa caucuses will kick things off as usual, followed in quick succession by another caucus in Nevada and then […]

Jul 24th 2006

Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art

This stuff is really cool.


Hat tip: Alejandro Rozitchner.

Jul 24th 2006

The Internet in 1996

A fascinating look at the state of the Internet and, more specifically, web pages back in 1996.

Jul 24th 2006

Brilliant Plan for Middle East Peace

Bush can send John Kerry to the region. 🙂

Jul 23rd 2006

saddam hospitalized due to hunger strike

and cindy sheehan is on her way to the former iraqi dictator’s side. she will reportedly offer “aid and comfort,” as well as give him the recipe for jamba juice’s “hunger strike compatible” protein smoothies and ben and jerry’s “hunger strike compatible” vanilla ice cream. hussein had been striking due to, ironically, some […]