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Aug 31st 2006

Paul Hackett, have you no shame?

Sad. (watch the video)
The ease with which Hackett calls Dan Senor a Nazi (or Nazi-like) makes my stomach turn, especially since Senor’s mother is a holocaust survivor.

Aug 31st 2006

bush: “we will {{flush}} the chocolate city”

George Bush’s speech marking the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was interrupted for CNN viewers when one of the network’s presenters forgot a cardinal rule of broadcast journalism – turn your microphone off when you go to the toilet.
It was one of the main morning anchorwomen, Kyra Phillips, gossiping with a friend about men and families. […]

Aug 30th 2006

this fauxtography they catch?

reuters, not so vigilant for fauxtography in the middle east, has exposed some major photo fraud here in the US. did you know that US celebrities have, like every single one of their public photos professionally doctored? it’s true! and reuters has exposed one example of this insidious hollywood cover up! […]

Aug 30th 2006

Squiggly Border Theory

This is just fascinating…
Some nations are just doomed from the start, often because their borders are not squiggly enough. That’s the conclusion of a recent NBER study by Harvard economists Alberto Alesina and Janina Matuszeski and NYU’s Bill Easterly.

The researchers then set out to find whether artificial states with straight, partitioning borders do any worse […]

Aug 30th 2006

VIDEO: ambulances for jihad

malkin: “what kind of sicko do you have to be to use an ambulance as a killing aid or propaganda tool?”
this video is unbelievable. after she notes that UNRWA has received over $2.5 billion in US taxpayer money, we see video of hamas shooting at israeli soldiers (in an attack that […]

Aug 29th 2006

My Only John Mark Karr Post

No photo has ever said so much about today’s media…particularly cable news.

Aug 29th 2006

After I purchased a memory upgrade through their website, they emailed to ask if I would like $5 back on my order? (who wouldn’t?) They promised that if I posted a link to their site from mine, mentioning some of the keywords they want to be associated with, I would receive $5. […]

Aug 28th 2006

2L job search

i spent the better part of one weekend this august writing letters to potential employers. while i was scouring the websites of firms across the country, several things caught my eye (some good, some bad). one good thing is this heartwarming article, from greenberg traurig. some excerpts:

Greenberg Traurig still seeks students with […]

Aug 27th 2006

comair flight 5191 – lexington, ky

university of kentucky president lee todd, in an email to students, provides a few brief biographies of lives lost in today’s tragedy:

Our extended UK family – like many others in Lexington and in Kentucky — suffered a tremendous loss Sunday morning with the crash of Flight 5191.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families […]

Aug 26th 2006

upset about the treatment of guantanamo detainees?

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