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Aug 26th 2006

A “Brawl Balk”

Since I’m on a video posting binge…
This clip from Japanese baseball is pretty cool. And unlike some other videos I’ve posted, it’s not one of the most popular clips on Youtube.


Aug 26th 2006

Weirdest Music Video Since…

Since I posted a great music video a little while ago, it is only appropriate to post this classic from David Hasselhoff.


Hooga hooga ooga chakka.
That must be Swahili for “I’ve come along way since Knight Rider.”
As a side note, I had to google “Hasselhoff” to see if I was spelling his last name correctly…which led […]

Aug 25th 2006

Lopez Obrador: Another Latin American Idiot

And no, I don’t think that Latin Americans are dumb. It’s a reference to this uber-awesome book. If you’re interested in Latin America, check it out.
I found a sweet world politics site the other day while browsing for news about Mexico’s election.
When I was in Mexico before the presidential election, Tijuana was plastered […]

Aug 25th 2006

Hugo Chavez: Historically Illiterate

Continuing with Travis’ theme, we bring you another left-wing politician who needs help with basic history.
Here is our favorite Latin American Idiot while on a visit to China:
Visiting Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has denounced Israel’s recent attacks on Lebanon as “genocide,” likening its action to war crimes committed by Germany’s Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
“Israel often […]

Aug 24th 2006

Don’t try this at home!

Only for geeks.
A hard drive, with it’s cover off, working.


Hat tip: Alejandro Rozitchner.

Aug 23rd 2006

revisionist historian, jimmy carter, reveals his philosophy

and it is this: we can “ignore” historical facts.
it came in a recent interview, where he discussed whether german troops should be placed on the israel-lebanon border as part of a peacekeeping force:

SPIEGEL: Should there be an international peacekeeping force along the Lebanese-Israeli border?
Carter: Yes.
SPIEGEL: And can you imagine Germans soldiers taking […]

Aug 22nd 2006

john kerry, anti-war protests, and stubborn historical facts

john kerry put out the following remarks recently, meant to discredit joe lieberman as a republican shill:

For almost five years now, every time [bush/cheney/rove have] their backs to the wall politically, they play “the fear card.” The latest example: Dick Cheney claiming that Democratic candidates who dare to challenge the Bush White House on Iraq […]

Aug 21st 2006

Goldfish Smarter Than Dolphins

Remember back in elementary school when you were learning interesting and important facts…like that dolphins were among the smartest creatures on earth?
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Not true!
It turns out that lab rats and goldfish can outwit them. [editor: Hmmm. A news item that isn’t pro-jihadi from Aljazeera. Allahu Akbar!]

Aug 20th 2006

Ceiling Mural in Smokers Lounge

A giant mural that covers the ceiling of a smokers lounge.
Definitely worth clicking through to see.

Aug 20th 2006

¿El blog de Lionel Messi?

¿Será esto el blog de Lionel Messi?
Interesante. No sé.
Gracias a: Alejando Rozitchner.
UPDATE: Para mas información: Global Voices Online y Cobertura Digital.