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Oct 31st 2006

John Kerry: “I called them smart before I called them stupid.”

John Kerry is reporting for duty! (Kerry previously served in Vietnam, in case you didn’t know)
Unsatisfied with his losing campaign in 2004, he is now trying to destroy the Democrats’ chance of winning big this year. Yet again showing why he will always be Senator John Kerry and a fool at that […]

Oct 30th 2006

Happy Birthday Dr. Richard Kimball

In celebration of Dr. Richard Kimball’s birthday, I bring you a postcard that I received from the Pawnee Adoption Agency.

Yes, I’ll take him.

Oct 29th 2006

Red Auerbach (1917-2006)

Red Auerbach passed away on Saturday.
Auerbach was one of the greatest basketball coaches ever. He won nine championships as the coach of the Boston Celtics and seven more as the Celtics general manager.
Time and again you hear Celtics describing Red as “a player’s coach.” To the world outside his own huddles and locker room […]

Oct 28th 2006

Michael Steele: Supports Stem Cell Research

Here in Maryland the Democratic candidate for Senate is running ads with Michael J. Fox against GOP candidate Michael Steele.
Well, Steele just released an ad in response. It. is. great. [dead link removed]

Oct 28th 2006

Los Tipitos – Algo

Otra vez se me olvidó hacer este post el viernes (ayer).
Así que…vamos a la música!
Esta semana presento un grupo argentino que, por alguna razón, no descubrí hasta hace poco: Los Tipitos; cantando una de sus canciones más conocidas, Algo.
Los Tipitos- Algo

Oct 27th 2006

and thus ends the most boring world series ever


Oct 26th 2006

Deer: Domesticated and Fun!

Eating your garden and landscaping is soooo last year for these friendly animals.
Before a recent middle school cross-country race in Oregon, runner Kevin Cox found himself facing unexpected competition: a deer.
In a series of photos, Cox is shown running with the overly friendly animal, which at one point caught him and began treating him […]

Oct 25th 2006

What will be the result of the mid-term elections?

Vote now in the all-encompassingly poll (see the right column).

Oct 24th 2006

George Tenet: Making Slam Dunk Gadgets

Former CIA Director George Tenet is going to work for a British firm that makes spy gear.
Former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet has joined the British research firm thought to have provided the inspiration for ‘Q’, the character who creates spy gadgets for James Bond.
Tenet has been appointed an independent non-executive director of […]

Oct 24th 2006

hi, i’m spineless and i want a vacation

michael barone’s take on polls of potential voters in the november 2006 election:

Now it appears that voters are willing to turn over Congress to a party most of whose representatives voted against allowing the National Security Agency to surveil without a court order al-Qaida suspects when they place calls to persons in the […]