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Oct 23rd 2006

Dove Evolution – video

Watch the process of preparing a model for a photo shoot all the way to when the ad appears on a billboard…in 60 seconds.
Amazing. (but I guess it’s fauxtography)


Oct 23rd 2006

Esto Lo Explica Todo

Bueno, no todo, pero este post por Alejandro Rozitchner es realmente iluminante.
Explica mucho de lo que hace Kirchner y me dio una perspectiva aún más amplia en cuanto a las cosas que pasan en la política argentina.
Pronto K va a empezar a pedir que termine la pobreza, que haya buenos planes de asistencia social. Va […]

Oct 23rd 2006

Kapanga – Desearía

Se me olvidó hacer este post el viernes.
Así que, sin más comentarios, les presento: Kapanga y una de mis canciónes favoritas del rock argentino, Desearía.
Kapanga – Desearía

Oct 20th 2006

CNN: Mostly fluff, most of the time

When CNN is not busy pushing Islamist propaganda, they are doing their best trying to become the People magazine of online news.
A Daily Kos contributor stripped the CNN homepage of all advertising, promotional items, sensational non-news, and gossip. Here is the result, a nearly empty page:

Sad, but not unexpected I suppose.
[editor: as an interesting […]

Oct 19th 2006

CNN: Proudly Spreading Islamist Propaganda

You just can’t make this crap up.
Here is a screen shot of the CNN web site right now at 10:40am (click to see full version).

As you can see, there is a “breaking” news story:

The “CNN Exclusive” is this:
Almost 2,800 Americans have been killed so far in Iraq and one of the most dangerous insurgent opponents […]

Oct 19th 2006

Be a mayfly, make the most of today

Cool advertisement.


Oct 17th 2006

kind-of embarrassing typo weird statistic

found while i was searching for projected job growth by industry in the US:

You will find data on employment by detailed occupation, sex, race, and hispanic origin at These data are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population survey, a survey of households.

source: bureau of labor statistics.
i think they […]

Oct 16th 2006

detroit tigers, AL champs

“what a wonderful, wonderful story”
losingest team in the majors over the past 13 seasons. losers of 119 games in 2003. a year ago, ranked fifth from the bottom in a list of teams likely to win this year’s world series. now, the tigers are favored.
a video clip of magglio […]

Oct 15th 2006

lorna d. lister (1979-2006)

a friend of ours died last week in utah in a horrific car crash. i am still in shock. you never think of car accident victims as people you know. they are usually just faceless names. it is very different when you know and care about the person driving the vehicle […]

Oct 14th 2006

ESPN’s obsessions: cross-promotion and terrell owens

first, terrell owens. ESPN has become the channel for “all TO, all the time.” thank goodness i tivo sportscenter so i can fast-forward through most of it. their coverage is football-heavy as it is–so much time is devoted to the odd-shaped ball that they have time to give helpful hints to viewers, […]